Build sample-specific or location-specific Advanced Action Levels based on analyte values in those samples or locations, such as pH or hardness (the “comparison analytes”).

00:24 Review Part 1 DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP
06:06 Demo SINGLE_MIXED Method
11:08 Demo Multiple Lookup Method – MULTIPLE(OR)_LOOKUP
13:39 Comparison Group
16:16 Demo Multiple Lookup Method – MULTIPLE(AND)_LOOKUP
18:25 Multiple MIXED Lookup Method -MULTIPLE(AND)_LOOKUP
20:06 Clarification: Matching Fractions from Part 1 Video
09:19 Q1? Is an NULL value record required?
21:48 Q2? Error message: “Cannot Find Column Lookup Source.”
22:56 Q3? What about Action Levels based on time periods?

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP – Build sample-specific or location-specific Adv. Action Levels – pt 2 – August 2015

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