This entry-level EarthSoft Office Hour Video reviews the EQuIS for EVS interface. Quickly export EQuIS data to Environmental Visualization System (EVS) with the EQuIS for EVS interface. Select and export EQuIS locations and coordinates, lithology and geology, and chemistry for gridding, model building, geostatistics, animation, and interactive fence-diagrams.

00:58 Introduction to EVS
03:02 EQUIS to EVS Workflow
04:54 Overview EQuIS for EVS
05:47 Select EQuIS Data for Export
12:15 Export Data to EVS
13:18 EVS Demo Pre-geology Data
15:14 EVS Demo Chemistry Dat

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: EQuIS for EVS Export – Using the EQuIS for EVS Interface – August 2015

[length 23:36] [58MB]

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