This advanced-level Office Hour Video reviews the EQuIS Report API logic and steps for implementing the EQuIS Report API.
Create custom EQuIS Reports with the EQuIS Report Application Programming Interface (API).

01:10 Overview EQuIS Report API Overview
05:33 Standard EQuIS Reporting vs. Report API
08:40 General Report API Procedure (Open Report, Parameters, Execute, Output)
14:08 Implement Report API (Setup, Create Project, Properties, Set Parameters, Execute)
32:14 Q1? Does the Reports API check for parameters?
33:52 Q2? What are some supporting Report API resources?
37:46 Q3? Do users have to request XML Documentation?
38:38 Q4? Can Report API parameters be dynamic?
42:29 Q5? What of EQuIS Enterprise Reports & OurReportService?
47:10 Q6? Is output to Word an option?

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: EQuIS Professional Report API – Create Custom EQuIS Reports – August 2015

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