Qualifiers in EQuIS™ – Qualifier Types, Triggers, and Conditional Checks – July2015

July 22, 2015

This moderate-level EarthSoft Office Hour Video explores how the different types of qualifiers relate to one another, and how the Qualifier trigger works in Schema and in the standard EDD formats, and logic behind the conditional checks for qualifiers implemented in the agencies’ formats.

00:57 Definition Combined Qualifiers
02:21 Storing Multiple Qualifiers in EQuIS
03:45 Qualifier Fields
04:55 Qualifier Field Lengths
06:36 Qualifier Trigger Logic in Database
07:24 Qualifier Trigger Logic in Formats
08:57 Adding VerifyQualifier Method to a Format
09:44 Conditional Qualifier Checks in Custom Formats
12:24 Populating Qualifiers Rules
14:01 Congeners

Download EarthSoft Office Hours Video: Qualifiers in EQuIS – Qualifier Types, Triggers, and Conditional Checks- July 2015

[length 17:02] [42MB]

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