To All Data Providers:

As we have indicated in the past, the NYSDEC is upgrading our EQuIS software to version 6.3. The process of upgrading the software and the database began Friday last week.

Note: When the upgrade is complete, all EDDs submitted to the NYSDEC will need to be prepared in the NYSDEC Format EDP v6.x. This version of the format is already available on the EarthSoft hosted website:

If you are working on an EDD in the version 5.6.x format, please submit your EDD by Thursday May 21st prior to close of business at 5:00 pm. All properly prepared EDDs received prior to 5:00 on Thursday will be loaded into the database. After 5:00 on Thursday, the NYSDEC will no longer accept EDDs prepared in the version 5.6.x format.

For all intents and purposes, at 5:00 on Thursday May 21st, the database will be closed with an expected restart date of June 05, 2015. I will send out a notice when the database is open and operational. You may submit EDDs in version 6.3, but we will not review or process them until the database upgrade is complete.

This will be a busy time for us and all of our database resources will be committed to the process of updating the software and the database, then testing the database to make sure everything is working. We appreciate your patience as we work through this upgrade.

Finally, I apologize for the short time frame on the notice for submittal of EDDs in version 5.6.x. If you have an EDD or a group of EDDs prepared, please get them in before COB Thursday. If you have been working on an EDD, please finish it send it before COB Thursday.

Thank you,

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