New York DEC EQuIS Data Provider Meeting

October 23, 2014

New York DEC EQuIS Data Provider
Agenda and Presentation Ideas
Tuesday, October 28th, 1:30

  1. A general status of the New York DEC database
  2. New York DEC will upgrade to EQuIS Enterprise 6 – What it means to you
  3. An overview of where Version 4 of the NYSDEC format directions.
    Goal: automated loading of EDDs.
    In order to achieve this,

    • Data for more columns will be required
    • There will be changes to the EDP whereby errors now identified by manual testing of the EDD will be highlighted for repair by the EDP.

    Provide a marked up version of the EDD showing data providers the changes.

  4. In the interim to the release of Version 4 of the format, we are going to again request additional data be populated although they not currently required.
  5. Sample reporting for Dilution and Reanalysis

2014 Data Providers Meeting Agenda NYSDEC EQuIS Data Providers


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