The EarthSoft Community Center engages the EQuIS world-wide community.
The new EarthSoft Community Center is a new and improved website powered by EQuIS Enterprise 6 and contains many additional enhancements including a new discussion forum, access to EQuIS Academy Recordings and the Data Dictionary, and other downloadable content.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: New EarthSoft Community Center Tour Video_New Features & Enhancements_May2014

[length 24:03] [53MB]

Table of Contents
00:59 Agenda
01:40 Community Center Overview
02:33 Data Dictionary Dashboard
05:34 Discussion Forum Dashboard
13:17 Discussion Forum Notifications
16:00`Downloads Dashboard
17:42 Online Documentation Dashboard
18:55 Landing & QuickStart Pages
21:27 Logging In
22:29 Q1? Downloads Dashboard used to distribute Hotfix downloads, etc.
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