EarthSoft EQuIS™ Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) version 6.1 is released. Many additional enhancements including new format configuration options, direct connections to an EQuIS™ database, new depth form, image tabs, and much more.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: What’s New in EDGE v6.1 – New Enhancements and Features Video_April 2014

[length 38:45] [87MB]

Table of Contents
00:34 Agenda EDGE v6.1
01:09 New Features Overview
03:46 Error Form
05:47 Depth Form
12:45 Signature Pane
15:47 Sign & Submit with PDF Forms
19:17 Custom Handler Plugin
25:44 Connected Mode
31:43 Image Tabs
34:27 Migrate enum & config Settings
36:38 EDGE Documentation
38:31 TOC Dashboard
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