EarthSoft has released EQuIS™ Sample Planning Module (SPM) v6.1. This version contains many additional enhancements including the ability to track commitments, a new Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) functionality and Land Access Module.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: New Features in EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) v6.1 Video_March 2014

[length 25:07] [56MB]

Table of Contents
00:22 Planned Task – Custom Field
01:21 Commitment Data
03:26 Recurrence / Preview Screen
03:52 Activities – Group Code Listing
06:04 Land Access
07:49 Sample Receipt Notification (SRN)
09:57 Commitment Manager
13:20 Batch Scheduler
14:07 New Report Lists
18:58Q1? How do we get the most recent version under an existing license?
19:50 Q2? Can calendar be exported into Outlook?
20:33 Q3? Where does SRN table go to and what about SPM v6.1 & Enterprise 6?
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