EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 users may use the RSS Reader Widget to set-up and view multiple RSS feeds.
The Notices Widget displays a list of notices per user, per facility.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 Widgets Video – RSS Reader and Notices Widgets Video_March 2014

[length 28:01] [65MB]

Table of Contents
00:27 Agenda
01:16 Types of Notices
04:12 Notices Storage Location
05:10 st_notice Tab
06:21 st_user_notice Tab
07:26 st_notice_template Tab
15:00 Notices Widget Properties
19:03 RSS Reader Widget Properties
22:32 Q1? Is there a list of st_notice values?
24:03 Q2? What about the “Delete” column checkbox?
26:10 Q3? Does Enterprise 6 st_notice_template support multi-languages?
27:31 Table Of Contents (TOC) Dashboard
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