This is the question and answer session from What’s New in EQuIS™ Professional 6.1 EarthSoft Office Hour video. EQuIS™ Professional 6.1 contains many additional enhancements that will be presented in future EarthSoft Office Hours videos.

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Table of Contents
00:20 Q1? Does the permissions on reports also extend to folders?
02:11 Q2? Do we still publish dlls before setting permissions?
04:54 Q3? Can we add images to the Header or Footer?
06:33 Q4? Which reports is the Analytical and Water Results built from?
07:37 Q5? Will the 6.1 Pro DB still work with Enterprise 5.6.2?
08:23 Q6? Will new features on reports be available for Analytical Results and not just on Beta?
11:37 Q7? Can the calculate feature be expanded to include multiple chemicals?
16:17 Q8? Table counts, when the “Open” type is changed, does the count change?
17:30 Q9? Can you send articles on published and non-published reports to entire group?
18:07 Q10? Is EQuIS™ Pro 6.1 compatible with the EQuIS™ database 5.6.4?
18:26 Q11? Can you hide some Header info in Action Level Exceedance Format 1 Report?
19:31 Q12? Does the Action Level Exceedance Format round to significant digits?
21:52 Q13? Will the Analytical and Water Results Table allow crosstab?
23:47 Q14? At quantitative limit, will detect_flag be set to “Yes” or “No”?
29:24 Q15? If there are multiple detection limits, which one rules?
30:55 Q16? Can Analytical and Water Results report display be customized?

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