Action Levels let environmental data managers track regulatory limits for analytes in EQuIS™.
This EarthSoft Office Hour video demonstrates creation and management of Action Levels in EQuIS™ Professional.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Managing Action Levels in EQuIS™ Video_February 2014

[length 35:01] [108MB]

Table of Contents
00:19 Agenda
01:02 Action Levels Overview
01:29 Definition – Action Levels
02:07 Action Level Form
03:06 Action Level Types
05:36 Create New Action Level – Action Level Code Details Tab
08:07 Create New Action Level – Action Level Parameters Tab
09:14 Copying Action Levels
10:05 Defining Action Level Ranges
11:12 Exporting Action Levels
12:50 Uploading Action Levels
13:36 Action Level API
14:37 Action Levels – Risk3T Module
20:12 Demo – Add Action Level Type & Code
26:18 Copy Action Level Code
28:07 EDP and Action Levels – Upload and/or Export
29:06 Demo – Risk3T Module
33:16 Q1? Are EPA CAS_RNs pre-loaded in Risk3T?

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