In EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 users upload EDDs and view the status of the submitted EDDs from one centralized Dashboard via EDD Status and Upload Widgets. This EarthSoft Office Hours videos reviews the features of the EDP EDD Status and EDP EDD Upload widgets.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 EDP – EDD Status and Upload Widgets Video_Jan 2014

[length 29:14] [72MB]

Table of Contents
00:20 Agenda – Enterprise 6 EDD Status & Upload Widgets INSERT
00:55 Administrator Dashboard Overview
02:36 Verify Enterprise 6 Workflow is Running
03:46 Workflow Widget Properties – EDD Properties in EDP Tab
05:30 Workflow Widget Properties – EDD Properties in ST_CONFIG
06:38 EDD Status Widget
08:16 EDDs Online Resources
11:32 EDD Upload Widget
17:04 Demo – Administration Dashboard
19:25 EDP Dashboard – EDD Status & EDD Upload Widgets
20:38 Notices Dashboard
21:54 Sample EDD Upload
24:50 Q1? Can Administrators view all EDDs?
26:52 Q2? Is the EDD upload widget smart enough not to add the facility and format if the file is already properly named?
27:45 Q3? In the EDD Status Widget, why is the facility name column not completed for the NYSDEC format EDD that had been submitted?

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