This office Hour video reviews how to build, edit, and export charts using the EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 Times Series Chart Widget. The EQuIS™ Enterprise 6 Times Series Chart Widget displays report output on a time series chart.

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Table of Contents
00:16 Overview – Time Series Widget
02:51 Create Time Series Chart
04:24 Widget Permissions
06:36 Plot New Time Series Chart
09:41 Customizations – Time Series Chart – Chart Tab
12:44 Customizations – Time Series Chart – Advanced Tab
14:10 Export Options – Time Series Chart
14:58 Customizations – Time Series Chart – Data Tab
20:06 Customizations – Group Sections
23:18 Q1? For the date field, can we do an hourly analysis?
24:31 Q2? Can the data format be modified?
25:42 Q3? After you set your Time Series Chart, does the display auto-update when new data is imported?
26:54 Q4? When selecting groups, when using a log scale, can you plot different well concentrations?
27:56 Q5? Are there no relative dates anymore?

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