Congratulations Sharon Keenan for these excellent commendations from one of our clients!

From: A major Chemical Company (AAA)

Mr. Beard,

I wanted to relay to you how pleased I am with the work of one of your employees—Sharon Keenan.

When I came to AAA in June of last year I had never worked with EarthSoft programs and my database experience was limited to Excel and some Access (several years prior). Sharon patiently helped me “get up to speed” quickly on both EQuIS and EDGE. Since that time she has assisted me on a regular basis with a myriad of questions and problems I have encountered on topics ranging from lab errors in EDDs to development of software modifications that fit AAA’s needs. She is always there when I need her and quickly responds when I need a fast answer. She always displays a kind and courteous personality in all situations.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with someone of Sharon’s abilities and demeanor—you are fortunate to have her as an employee.

AAA Corporation

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