EQuIS uses two functions for handling significant figures which may be used within other functions queries, and reports. The standard ANALYTICAL_RESULTS function uses significant figures in computing the REPORT_RESULTS_TEXT value that is returned in the report. This Office Hours video reviews significant figures functions how they are handled in EQuIS, and the reporting options available.

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Table of Contents
00:49 Analytical Results Significant Figures
05:49 (Beta) Analytical Results Significant Figures
10:26 (Beta) Action Level Exceedance by Pick Report Significant Figures
15:44 Q1? Why is the numeric was not changed to what the edited text field has?
17:33 Q2? Does EQuIS look at Results_Text or Results_Text and Results_Numerics fields?
22:06 Q3?For Action Levels can you select that the Significant Figures from the results?
26:06 Q4? What about water levels and Significant Figures?
26:28 Q5? When Ignore is checked, are significant figures ignored for Action Level and Result and the comparison is run as is?
29:05 Q6? Are Significant Figures available in Analytical Results vs. (Beta) Analytical Results?

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