This EarthSoft Office Hour video will review the many important items to consider when setting up new projects in EQuIS Professional. This Office Hour reviews the system requirements, creating and connecting to new EQuIS databases via EQuIS Professional, defining Test Alternate Keys, creating new facilities in EQuIS, and much more!

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Getting Started with EQuIS Professional_September 2013

[length 25:25] [55MB]

Table of Contents
01:04 System Requirements
02:16 Database Licensing and Connection
03:29 Databases & Facilities Organization
04:56 64-bit or 32-bit
06:09 SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
07:22 Selecting Reference Values
09:10 EDD Formats
10:34 Analytical Labs – Items to Consider
12:37 EQuIS Download – Save – Install
14:02 EQuIS Software Registration
16:01 Create New Database
18:22 Configure Existing Database
18:56 Connect to a Database
20:43 Update EQuIS Schema
22:46 Add Data to the Database
23:35 Q1? What about ALS – Application Level Security?

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