The EDGE Groundwater Form – August 2013

August 31, 2013

This EarthSoft Office Hour video will review the new EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) Groundwater form. The new EDGE Groundwater form supports streamlined groundwater data collection activities.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: The EDGE Groundwater Form_August 2013

[length 25:29] [55MB]

Table of Contents
00:34 Overview – EDGE Groundwater Form
01:43 Overview – EDGE Groundwater Sections
02:22 Groundwater Form – Sections Details
05:42 Groundwater Form – Add New Location
09:23 Groundwater Form – Printing
10:49 Q1? Can the measurement time be entered automatically within the Water Level Data section?
11:45 Q2? Is EDGE compatible with Windows Mobile 6?
13:30 Q3? Do we need to set-up auto-populate?
14:22 EDGE Configuration Plugin Tool
16:46 Q4? What about printing options?
17:34 Q5? Can you batch print forms?
18:17 Q6? Can turbidity, pH, and temperature only be entered in the Field Analysis section?
19:04 Q7? Can GPS coordinates be entered automatically?
20:11 Q8? Is AutoFill configurable per project?
21:10 Q9? Will Fixed Well information auto-populate?
21:47 Q10? What of EDGE upgrades for the Groundwater Form?
22:22 Q11? Can we connect data loggers directly into EDGE?
24:01 Q12? How does Touch UI work within the sections?

EarthSoft releases Data Qualification Module (DQM)

August 29, 2013

EarthSoft Data Quality Module from EarthSoft

Click here to download.

The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module – August 2013

August 21, 2013

The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module is an additional schema and set of reports for capturing and storing vapor intrusion data in the EQuIS database.
This module was developed for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).
The new module and NYSDEC’s Vapor Intrusion guidance is reviewed in this Office Hour video.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: The EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module_August 2013

[length 28:03] [65MB]

Table of Contents
00:23 VI Basics
00:42 VI Components
01:21 VI Workflow
01:59 VI Schema
02:20 VI EDD Format
02:45 VI EDD Format Sections
03:00 EDD Sections – Building Inspection Data
04:51 NYSDEC Vapor Intrusion Form
05:38 VI Resources
06:43 VI Format in EDP – VI_Bldg_Address
07:40 VI Format in EDP – VI_Building_Inspection
08:24 VI Tables in EDP – VI_Building_Parameters
08:55 VI Tables in EDP – VI_Task_Parameters
09:06 VI Tables in EDP – VI_Locations
09:35 VI Tables in EDP – VI_Outdoor_Locations
10:14 VI Tables in EDP – VI_TestResultsQC
10:24 VI Tables in EDP – VI_Batches
10:35 NYSDEC VI Form
15:26 Viewing VI Data in EQuIS Professional
19:10 Q1? EQuIS and custom VI reports?
20:22 Q2? EQuIS VI module with EQuIS Pro v5.6.3 and EQuIS Enterprise 6?
21:29 Q3? Can you put in coordinate data for the actual building?
22:21 Q4? Can you group sub-facilities in a crosstab?
23:34 Q5? NYSDEC Forms, where is the data mapped to?
Additional EQuIS Vapor Intrusion Module Reference Links

EPA Vapor Intrusion Info

NYSDEC Vapor Intrusion EDD Guide

NYDOH (NY Dept. of Health)

IRTC Vapor Intrusion Pathway Guidelines


EQuIS Live Demo from CEMEX – July 2013

August 1, 2013

The edited version for the EQuIS Live Demo from CEMEX Office Hour presented by Kevin Wilson is now available for viewing or download for any EQuIS user.
Please contact directly for access to the video links.

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