This EarthSoft Office Hour video reviews the reporting and mapping improvements and new features in EQuIS Enterprise 6.
Reporting and mapping functionality have been completely redesigned in EQuIS Enterprise 6.
Reporting with EQuIS Enterprise EZView widget is much more flexible and mapping with ArcGIS widget is now fully encompassed within EQuIS Enterprise 6.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: EQuIS Enterprise 6 Reporting and Mapping_July 2013

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Table of Contents
01:25 Web Mapping – Map Widget – Properties Tool
01:51 Esri ArcGIS JavaScript API licensing
02:30 Web Mapping – Select Facility
03:12 Spatial Reference WKID
04:23 Web Mapping
04:50 Map Widget – Map Layer
05:43 Map Widget – Using Reports – Report Parameters
07:52 Map Widget – Custom Base Map Layer
09:49 Symbology
11:16 Map Widget – Standard Features
13:18 Map Widget – Table of Contents – Layers & Sublayers
13:49 Map – Table of Contents – Right Click Options
15:20 Map – Table of Contents – View Layer Data
16:42 Traffic Light Map Widget
18:54 Advanced Widget Properties
21:05 Report Download Widget
21:39 Time Series Widget
26:37 Q1? Facility level user access and permissions?
29:19 Q2? Can a traffic light “unknown” icon be made invisible?
30:46 Q3? Bi-directional highlighting?
31:50 Q4? How do we save new map layer configurations?
32:55 Q5? Can the Map Traffic Light widget be the default map widget?
36:05 Q6? Can you label multiple fields?
36:51 Q7? Can you format the data popups other than analytical results table?
38:01 Q8? How difficult is EQuIS Enterprise 6 install?
39:15 Q9? Does EQuIS Enterprise 6 use local GIS images or web-based images?
40:51 Q10? Can you control which users can view/edit maps & widgets?
42:06 Q11? Can you reorder the Map Widget layers listing?
43:17 Q12? Can we use different coordinate systems using ESRI based maps?
44:40 Q13? Can you demo a simple report run?
45:29 Q14? Can you download maps produced in Enterprise 6?
45:42 Q15? Do we create the Info Template in the Map Widget editor?
49:05 Q17? Can you print or export map images w/o violating licensing agreements?

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