This Office Hour reviews the Action Level Generator and Action Level Calculator of the Risk3T interface in EQuIS Professional. Risk3T allows the user to calculate default Action Levels with just a few keystrokes or calculate site-specific Screening Levels and Action Levels for a complete Risk Assessment report. Risk3T functions seamlessly as a form within EQuIS Professional, and provides users with an interactive workspace with direct access to existing facility analytical data sets residing within EQuIS Schemas.

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Table of Contents
00:26 Risk3T – Overview – Default Action Levels by Agency
03:49 Risk3T – Default Action Levels by Agency – Action Levels Display
05:24 Risk3T – Overview – Site-Specific Action Levels
06:04 Risk3T – Site-Specific Action Levels – Areas of Concern AOC
09:25 Risk3T – Site-Specific Risk Assessment
13:49 Risk3T – Risk Assessment Scenarios
15:28 Risk3T – Calculate Screening Levels
17:13 Risk3T – Target Risk Level Adjustments
18:09 Risk3T – Scenario Reports
23:15 Q1? Would we use Tier 3 for site-specific exposure models?
26:30 Q2? Can you modify your target risk level adjustments easily?
28:00 Q3? Can you remove specific data points?

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