EQuIS Enterprise 6 Introduction by EarthSoft CTO Dr. Mat Weaver

June 17, 2013

EarthSoft is excited to release EQuIS Enterprise 6. The completely redesigned user interface focuses on widgets and dashboards for simplicity and usability. This Office Hour introduces EQuIS Enterprise 6 and is for EQuIS administrators, system managers, and systems integrators.

EQuIS Discharge Monitoring Reports – (DMRs) – June 2013

June 14, 2013

This EarthSoft Office Hour video will review EQuIS Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs). DMRs accommodate reporting requirements for National Pollutants Discharge Monitoring System (NPDES) permits including information about facilities, permits, outfalls, and associated monitoring stations, sampling protocols, and report types. This Office Hour reviews data loading and reporting using EQuIS DMRs.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: EQuIS Discharge Monitoring Reports – (DMRs)_June 2013

[length 15:30] [44MB]

Table of Contents
01:01 DMR Data Entry – DMR Permit Information
06:08 DMR Data Entry – Permit Data Entry Form
08:20 DMR Tables Structure
09:56 DMR Reports
14:28 Q1? How to get copies of the DMR reports?

EQuIS Enterprise 6 Press Release

June 13, 2013

EQuIS Enteprise 6 Press Release from EarthSoft

Click here to download.

EDGE Ad (Portuguese)

June 10, 2013

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EQuIS and Risk3T – May 2013

June 4, 2013

This Office Hour reviews the Action Level Generator and Action Level Calculator of the Risk3T interface in EQuIS Professional. Risk3T allows the user to calculate default Action Levels with just a few keystrokes or calculate site-specific Screening Levels and Action Levels for a complete Risk Assessment report. Risk3T functions seamlessly as a form within EQuIS Professional, and provides users with an interactive workspace with direct access to existing facility analytical data sets residing within EQuIS Schemas.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: EQuIS and Risk3T_May 2013

[length 29:41] [59MB]

Table of Contents
00:26 Risk3T – Overview – Default Action Levels by Agency
03:49 Risk3T – Default Action Levels by Agency – Action Levels Display
05:24 Risk3T – Overview – Site-Specific Action Levels
06:04 Risk3T – Site-Specific Action Levels – Areas of Concern AOC
09:25 Risk3T – Site-Specific Risk Assessment
13:49 Risk3T – Risk Assessment Scenarios
15:28 Risk3T – Calculate Screening Levels
17:13 Risk3T – Target Risk Level Adjustments
18:09 Risk3T – Scenario Reports
23:15 Q1? Would we use Tier 3 for site-specific exposure models?
26:30 Q2? Can you modify your target risk level adjustments easily?
28:00 Q3? Can you remove specific data points?

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