This EarthSoft Office Hours video will review how Enumeration Files contribute to data validation and error detection functions of EDD formats. Enumeration have widespread applications as they are very simple to configure and are highly customizable.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Understanding Enumeration Files_May 2013

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Table of Contents
00:20 Enumerations: Agenda
01:38 Enumerations: Features & Benefits
03:51 Enumerations: Historical-enum.xml File
05:12 Enumeration: simpleType
08:09 Enumeration: Unencrypted Format File
11:07 Professional EDP: Applying Enumerations
14:40 EDGE: Enumeration Options
15:54 Q1? Does .Enum file automatically load .xsd format file?
16:47 Q2? Example to enumerate an allowable value not in a database reference table?
18:12 Q3? Does EarthSoft provide .enum & .xsd format files?
19:10 Q4? What about using Munsell colors and enumerations?

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