This EarthSoft Office Hours video reviews the Network License Server Linking process, which enables EQuIS users to manage network licenses with a central license database.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Managing Licenses with a Network License Server_April 2013

[length 31:42] [58MB]

Table of Contents
00:30 Agenda
01:31 License Server Overview
05:24 Network Keys vs. Local Keys
08:15 st_license Table: Overview
10:25 st_license: License Server Linking
14:03 st_license – Connection String
18:37 Connection Strings – Common Issues
19:38 License Server Linking – Additional Resources
20:30 Q1? How are EQuIS Enterprise license keys handled?
21:53 Q2? Does license linking work using a Professional Enterprise (ALS) login?
24:52 Q3? Do databases on different servers require separate network licenses?
26:05 Q4 Is there a limit to the number of databases linked to the main license server?
27:25 Q5? What is the licensing process for Test and Production Environments
28:15 Q6? What about network licensing when moving clients from one computer to another?

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