…New features, forms and reports highlight release of EDGE Version 5.7…

EarthSoft announces today the release of EDGE Version 5.7. This latest version includes some exciting new features and new reports. Please refer to the release notes for detailed descriptions of the fixes and features included in EDGE Version 5.7.

EDGE Version 5.7 new features:

  • Label printing from EDGE
  • Forms to better manage COC Containers
  • eCOC specifications and export in both XML and Excel format
  • Voice Recognition. It is now possible to dictate to EDGE using voice!
  • Containers and barcode added to COC report
  • Equipment Maintenance and Inventory forms
  • New Field Results Summary and collection forms
  • Improved EDGE Configuration tool
  • New “update setting” feature to merge and update older setting files

EDGE Version 5.7 new reports:

  • EDGE COC Summary
  • EDGE Results and Calibration
  • More parameters added for EDGE field EDD and Field Photos

Release Notes are available at:

Please download EDGE Version 5.7 from the following link: http://download.earthsoft.com/Edge/EDGE_5.7.0.zip

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