Risk3T Press Release

April 30, 2013

Risk3 t from EarthSoft

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TCEW TEDS Risk Presentation

April 25, 2013

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TCEQ TEDS Presentation

April 25, 2013

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Risk3T Datasheet

April 24, 2013

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Managing Licenses with a Network License Server_April 2013

April 18, 2013

This EarthSoft Office Hours video reviews the Network License Server Linking process, which enables EQuIS users to manage network licenses with a central license database.

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Table of Contents
00:30 Agenda
01:31 License Server Overview
05:24 Network Keys vs. Local Keys
08:15 st_license Table: Overview
10:25 st_license: License Server Linking
14:03 st_license – Connection String
18:37 Connection Strings – Common Issues
19:38 License Server Linking – Additional Resources
20:30 Q1? How are EQuIS Enterprise license keys handled?
21:53 Q2? Does license linking work using a Professional Enterprise (ALS) login?
24:52 Q3? Do databases on different servers require separate network licenses?
26:05 Q4 Is there a limit to the number of databases linked to the main license server?
27:25 Q5? What is the licensing process for Test and Production Environments
28:15 Q6? What about network licensing when moving clients from one computer to another?

Cetrel Case Study

April 16, 2013

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EarthSoft Announces EDGE Version 5.7

April 12, 2013

…New features, forms and reports highlight release of EDGE Version 5.7…

EarthSoft announces today the release of EDGE Version 5.7. This latest version includes some exciting new features and new reports. Please refer to the release notes for detailed descriptions of the fixes and features included in EDGE Version 5.7.

EDGE Version 5.7 new features:

  • Label printing from EDGE
  • Forms to better manage COC Containers
  • eCOC specifications and export in both XML and Excel format
  • Voice Recognition. It is now possible to dictate to EDGE using voice!
  • Containers and barcode added to COC report
  • Equipment Maintenance and Inventory forms
  • New Field Results Summary and collection forms
  • Improved EDGE Configuration tool
  • New “update setting” feature to merge and update older setting files

EDGE Version 5.7 new reports:

  • EDGE COC Summary
  • EDGE Results and Calibration
  • More parameters added for EDGE field EDD and Field Photos

Release Notes are available at:

Please download EDGE Version 5.7 from the following link: http://download.earthsoft.com/Edge/EDGE_5.7.0.zip

Understanding Enumeration Files

April 9, 2013

This Office Hour reviews how Enumeration Files contribute to data validation and error detection functions of EDD formats. Enumerations have widespread application as they are very simple to configure and are highly customizable. This is a beginner-skill Office Hour.

Reporting with Action Levels in EQuIS Professional – March 2013

April 2, 2013

This EarthSoft Office Hour video reviews the functionality of Action Levels in EQuIS. Steps to establish and report Action Levels are shown.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Reporting with Action Levels in EQuIS Professional_March 2013

[length 24:31] [48MB]

Table of Contents
00:26 Agenda
01:49 EQuIS Pro: Action Levels UI
03:00 EQuIS Pro: Show Action Levels for All Facilities: Checkbox
03:37 EQuIS Pro: Add New Action Level Code
04:50 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Code Details Tab
05:58 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Parameters Tab
10:41 EQuIS Pro: Run Action Level Exceedance Report
12:29 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Exceedance Report: Comparison
16:56 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Exceedance: Crosstab
18:53 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Exceedance: Exceedance Formatting
22:17 EQuIS Pro: Action Level Exceedance: Export
23:07 Q1? Can Excel values be cut/paste into other action level tables?

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