This Office Hours is a sequel to Resolving EDD Errors, Part 1, and will review common errors often found in standard EDD submittals. Attendees do not need to complete Part 1 prior to attending. This is an entry skill level Office Hour.

Download EarthSoft Office Hours: Resolving EDD Errors – Part II February 2013

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Table of Contents
00:44 Agenda
02:27 EQuIS Pro: Launch Standalone EDP
03:35 Standalone EDP: Select .rvf File
05:43 Standalone EDP: Sign & Submit Tool
08:22 Standalone EDP: Sign & Submit: File Naming Convention
09:23 Standalone EDP: Sign & Submit: Zip File Contents
11:12 EQuIS Enterprise: Upload EDD
12:22 EQuIS Enterprise: Resubmit EDD
14:05 Launch EQuIS Pro EDP
15:45 EQuIS Pro: Forms
17:56 EQuIS Pro: EDP: Create Package
19:28 EQuIS Pro: EDP: Commit Package: Save Error Logs
24:07 Q1? How is an EDD package created without EDP?

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