EarthSoft announces today the release of EDGE version 5.6.1, which resolves a number of issues reported in the v5.6 release and includes a couple of key features. Please refer to the release notes for a more detailed description of the fixes and features included in this release. The list below contains a few of the key items:

  • Add an option to default EDD file extensions
  • Enhanced Picture attachment to support background listening to a folder for new files
  • Add multi-enumeration selection support
  • Add support for FTP uploading to EDGE sign and submit
  • Fix COC template issue when show all analytes on COC is selected
  • Add “Save EDD on Backup” as an option
  • Add “Range Finder” support under devices
  • Fixed issues with TouchUI interface
  • Add filter by company to EDGE Field EDD report
  • Add an option to display Analytical Methods on COC.

Release notes are available at:

Please download EDGE 5.6.1 at:

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