EarthSoft Announces EDGE 5.6.1

October 30, 2012

EarthSoft announces today the release of EDGE version 5.6.1, which resolves a number of issues reported in the v5.6 release and includes a couple of key features. Please refer to the release notes for a more detailed description of the fixes and features included in this release. The list below contains a few of the key items:

  • Add an option to default EDD file extensions
  • Enhanced Picture attachment to support background listening to a folder for new files
  • Add multi-enumeration selection support
  • Add support for FTP uploading to EDGE sign and submit
  • Fix COC template issue when show all analytes on COC is selected
  • Add “Save EDD on Backup” as an option
  • Add “Range Finder” support under devices
  • Fixed issues with TouchUI interface
  • Add filter by company to EDGE Field EDD report
  • Add an option to display Analytical Methods on COC.

Release notes are available at:

Please download EDGE 5.6.1 at:

Deutsch/German – EQuIS für EVS – Oktober 2012

October 30, 2012

Diese EarthSoft Sprechstunde Video wird in deutscher Sprache vorgelegt und zeigt, wie geologische und chemische Daten von EQUIS Professional EVS exportieren, und erstellt ein 3D-Federbusch.

Laden EarthSoft Office Hour: Deutsch – EQuIS for EVS_Oktober 2012

[Länge 15:55] [139MB]

Table of Contents
Inhalt – 00:25
Über EVS – 00:55
Weitere Informationen – 01:35
Launch EQuIS für EVS – 03:28
Export Geologischer Daten – 05:46
Export chemischer Daten – 09:30
3D Plume Modell – 11:46

Introducción a EnviroInsite

October 23, 2012

En esta Office Hour, vamos a revisará el EQuIS para EnviroInsite el trazado y opciones de interfaz.

EarthSoft News for the Week of October 20, 2012

October 19, 2012

Office Hour: Managing Vapor Intrusion Data in EQuIS. Thursday November 1. Register here:

Walden Associates writes about the 5 Myths About Electronic Database Management Systems. Read here:

Introduction to EQuIS for AutoCAD

October 18, 2012

This Office Hour will review the basic features available in the EQuIS for AutoCAD interface, including plotting locations and generating spider diagrams.

Managing Vapor Intrusion Data in EQuIS

October 18, 2012

This Office Hour will review the Vapor Intrusion module for EQuIS. This session will include an overview of the Vapor Intrusion (VI) module, key terminology and concepts, the VI schema, and  the VI data import EDD.

EQuIS Live Press Release

October 18, 2012

Click here to download.

EarthSoft EQuIS SPM Data Sheet (Portuguese)

October 17, 2012

Click here to download.

EarthSoft EQuIS for ArcGIS Data Sheet (Portuguese)

October 17, 2012

Click here to download.

EarthSoft EQuIS Alive Data Sheet (Portuguese)

October 17, 2012

Click here to download.

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