In celebration of the 145th Birthday of Canada, EarthSoft announced today the establishment of EarthSoft Canada Inc. EarthSoft will increase EQuIS development, deployment and operational efficiencies in Canada in response to the rapidly expanding demand for EQuIS data management solutions there. EarthSoft Canada Inc. also sees opportunities in the Canadian people for their talent and in the commitment to intelligently managing the natural resources of Canada.

EarthSoft has received significant new contracts in Canada in 2011 and 2012 including several large Canadian clients such as Areva, Barrick Gold, Enterprise Cape Breton Corp., Nexen, Shell Oil, Suncor, Talisman, Teck Resources, TransCanada, and others. Many consultants in Canada have used EQuIS for many years and routinely provide EQuIS services for their clients.
EarthSoft staff in Ontario designed and developed the exciting new EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) and Sample Planning Module (SPM) software. EDGE provides field data collection software on Microsoft tablets, and integrates with the SPM for electronic chain of custody preparation, Completeness Check, and other tools. Several large Canadian consultants have obtained company-wide site-licenses of EDGE.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS Online expanded into a datacenter in Calgary in 2011 and has several large hosted clients. Support services and “sandbox” evaluations are easily provided through this local server for Alberta companies interested in benchmarking EQuIS.

EQuIS is being used by many oil and gas clients. Oil and gas companies use EQuIS to track environmental project tasks, manage environmental conditions, and store technical data. Integration with multiple data sources provides for electronic data transfers that are checked in real-time, significantly lowering the error rate, improving data quality, and lowering costs through process automation.

EQuIS software manages technical or scientific data for air, water, soil, limnology, and other sample types and is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world. All major labs in Canada can provide EQuIS electronic data deliverables (EDDs). EQuIS licensing is available for both internally supported and EarthSoft hosted database operations. EQuIS is easily scalable from a single user to multi-server, globally deployed, privately labeled, comprehensive EQuIS data management via private, public, and hybrid clouds.

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