EarthSoft News for the Week of February 25, 2012

February 24, 2012

EarthSoft welcomes Saba Athif to the Help Desk team, in Chicago. Contact her at
New Office Hour recording: The EQuIS Interface to Leapfrog. View here:
EarthSoft’s EQuIS Academy online training program begins March 6. Sign up at

EarthSoft News for the Week of 18 February 2012

February 17, 2012

GES provides EQuIS services streamlining the data collection and management workflows in Marcellus Shale. Read more:
Office Hour: EQuIS for ArcGIS Web API. March 1, 2012. Register at
EarthSoft and Groundswell Technologies to Integrate EQuIS and Waiora. Read more:

EQuIS Interface to Leapfrog – February 2012

February 16, 2012

Download EarthSoft Office Hour: EQuIS Interface to Leapfrog_Feb 2012

[length 26:54] [97MB]

This EarthSoft Office Hour video presentation will demo Aranz Ltd Leapfrog Hydro, an integrated 3D
software solution for hydrogeological modeling. The EQuIS to Leapfrog Hydro export will be demonstrated, along with 3D geological modeling and groundwater modeling tools such as Modflow and FEFLOW. Chemical results stored within the EQuIS database will be viewed and interpolated within the Leapfrog Hydro model.
Table of Contents
About Aranz Ltd. – 00:45
Leapfrog Key Points – 02:38
What are RBFs – 03:59
Stratigraphic Relations – 05:46
Leafrog File Names – 07:12
Leapfrog Hydro – 09:12
Geologic Model In-Depth Demo – 12:29
Question 1: Can you import numerical flow model data? -23:10

EarthSoft announces EQuIS Academy 2012 Schedule

February 15, 2012

EarthSoft’s Spring Term 2012 EQuIS Academy starts Tuesday, March 6. EarthSoft will commence a 6-
week Term covering every aspect of EQuIS. Learn EQuIS from experts in the comfort of your own
office, in the least expensive manner. Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays and are open to any
EQuIS Licensee. Courses are limited to 10 people. Courses are either 99$ for 2 hours and $49 for 1

The following courses will be taught in the upcoming EQuIS Academy 2012 Spring Term:
100: EQuIS Database Management Basics – 2 Hours
201: Checking and Loading Data Using EDP – 2 Hours
202: Tables, Forms, Action Levels and Groups – 2 Hours
203: Reporting and Graphing in EQuIS Professional – 2 Hours
204: Crosstab Reports in EQuIS Professional – 2 Hours
304: (NEW) Excel Templates with Crosstabs – 2 Hours
205: Sample Planning Module (SPM) – 2 Hours
206: Field Data Collection with EDGE – 2 Hours
207: EQuIS for ArcGIS I – 2 Hours
208: EQuIS for ArcGIS II – 2 Hours
209: Using EQuIS Professional with EnviroInsite – 2 Hours
309: (NEW) Advanced EnviroInsite – 2 Hours
211: Using EQuIS Professional with LogPlot – 1 Hour
210: Using EQuIS Professional with EVS – 1 Hour
212: Using EQuIS Professional with RockWorks – 1 Hour
214: Using EQuIS Professional with gINT – 1 Hour
218: (NEW) Using EQuIS Professional with AutoCAD – 1 Hour
219: (NEW) Active Reports – 1 Hour
306: (NEW) EDD Format Customizations – 2 Hours
307: (NEW) EDGE and SPM Customizations – 2 Hours
102: Loading Data: EDP and Enterprise EDP – 2 Hours
103: Enterprise Reporting with EZView and EIA – 2 Hours
301: Enterprise Administration – 2 Hours

Earn an EQuIS Degree!

Register with the attached form. Class combinations receive discounts.

For further information: or

Office Hour: EQuIS for ArcGIS Web API

February 13, 2012

This Office Hour discusses the upcoming EQuIS 6 release and its use of Esri Web APIs, with a demonstration of the GIS-enabled portions of the EQuIS 6 UI.

EarthSoft News for the Week of 11 February 2012

February 10, 2012

EarthSoft and Groundswell Technologies to Integrate EQuIS and Waiora. Read more:
New Office Hour video: New Reports in EQuIS V5.6. View here:
Kristin to present with Elaine Zuk of NYSDEC at the Northeast Chapter of AWMA luncheon about EQuIS and NYSDEC Implementation on Feb 15, 2012
Office Hour: EQuIS Interface to Leapfrog, presented by ARANZ’s Thomas Cook and Thomas Krom. Thurs Feb 16 Register

EarthSoft and Groundswell Technologies to Integrate EQuIS and Waiora

February 8, 2012

…Waiora Real-Time Visualization and Statistics & EQuIS Environmental Data Management Workflow…

Concord, Massachusetts and Santa Barbara, California – February 6 , 2012 – EarthSoft, Inc. CEO Mitch Beard and Groundswell Technologies, Inc. CEO Dr. Mark Kram announced today that will integrate EarthSoft’s EQuIS environmental workflow data management platform with Groundswell’s Waiora web based monitoring and visualization platform. This new integration enables EQuIS users to generate advanced environmental and water resource management graphics, such as real time contours and groundwater storage change in 2D/3D/4D, playback loops, and multivariate analyses through a web browser, where results can be vetted among key stakeholders and collaborative parties. Both laboratory results and sensor readings are merged in the EQuIS databases. Waiora users will have additional ability understand changes, document trends, and integrate controllers for automated response for any time step, any parameter.

Integration of Waiora with EarthSoft’s EQuIS greatly expands industry capabilities for on-demand processing and visualization of environmental data with secure accounts over the web. This new innovation will bring significant value to customers looking to convert streamlined environmental data into actionable information for better data analysis and decision support.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard has expressed enthusiastic support for this effort, stating, “Groundswell has developed some of the best web graphics I’ve seen and since Waiora is intuitive and user-friendly, it will allow technical and non-technical practitioners to more effectively collaborate and make better decisions from EQuIS data.”

Groundswell CEO Dr. Mark Kram stated, “We are very excited about the possibilities represented by this collaboration, as EarthSoft has created the premier data management system for efficiently managing and qualifying essential data streams. EarthSoft has a proven track record as an industry leader. Since Waiora is data hungry, EarthSoft clients can squeeze even more value out of their data by efficiently creating intuitive graphics and analyses in a turnkey manner for all stakeholders.”

EarthSoft’s award-winning EQuIS software is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world. Over 800 consultants, industrials, and public agencies use EQuIS software, either licensed or cloud-based.

Groundswell‘s patented technology is the leading-edge cloud-based geospatial platform for automated visualization of sensor and lab data. Groundswell was recently featured in Forbes Magazine: Environmental Security: Sensing the World in 4-D.

For further information about EQuIS, please visit or email

For further information about Waiora, please visit or email

Using An Environmental Database Management System To Stay Organized – Walden Associates

February 3, 2012

Walden Associates writes about Using An Environmental Database Management System To Stay Organized. Read more:

Benefits of Analysis with an Environmental Database Management System – Walden Associates

February 3, 2012

Walden Associates writes about the Benefits of an Environmental Database Management System. Read more:

EarthSoft News for the Week of February 4, 2012

February 3, 2012

Kristin and Dan to attend the MSC data management task force training at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on February 8th.
Office Hour, Feb 9: Cuatro nuevos y suaves informes orientados hacia clientes en EQuIS v5.6. Registrarse:
Thank you Walden Associates describing the benefits of an EDM system: and
New Office Hour video: EQuIS for EVS and EnterVol. View here:

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