This EarthSoft Office Hour video will review EDP operations, including format descriptions, generating blank EDDs, loading EDDs, fixing data errors, and creating and committing data to EQuIS databases.
Table of Contents
00:37 Install EDP
01:49 Register EDP
03:47 Definition: EDP Format File
04:10 Format Files
04:25 Format File Section Names
04:48 Data Columns
05:38 Column Color Coding
06:20 Format File Types
07:07 Link: EDP Display Documentation
07:45 Check Data for Errors
09:14 Link: EDP Data File Documentation
09:38 Comment Rows
10:44 Data Errors Color Coding
12:26 Reference Values
15:20 EDP Tools
19:11 Q1? Do I correct errors in Excel or EDP?
20:15 Q2? If I download EPA tables, do I need to register?

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