26 August 2011 – EarthSoft announced today many new interfaces for EQuIS Professional to multiple 3rd party software. FEFLOW, Risk3T, and other product integrations are now available for EQuIS. Other interfaces are also now available for LeapFrog Hydro, AutoCAD, ProUCL, SADA, MiniTab, Geochemist’s WorkBench, Sanitas, AGS, R-Project, PetraSIM, and other software. EarthSoft also announced interfaces to several US government systems, including Scribe, NIRIS, Forms 2 Lite, GeoTracker, HazSite, and WQX.

Risk3T provides a seamless, interactive workspace within EQuIS Professional with direct access to EQuIS analytical data. Users can select and partition this data into multiple areas of concern (AOCs) within a single facility.  Risk3T then calculates summary statistics (such as maximum detected concentration) for each analyte for automated comparison to risk-based screening levels and corrective action goals. For each AOC, the calculation of Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 action levels can be tailored by the appropriate selection of exposure pathways and the entry of site-specific values for the modeling input parameters.  All of the pathways and analytical models used and specified by ASTM and EPA are provided.

Risk3T also has a new feature: an Action Level Generator that populates the EQuIS action level tables with facility-independent Tier 1 values for all of the chemicals in the toxicity tables from the selected agency.  Action levels are generated for groundwater, surface soil and subsurface soil.

The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is a database schema providing the framework for organizations to submit data to the EPA.  The WQX schema is based on the Environmental Sampling, Analysis and Results (ESAR) data standard, which is EPA’s approved standard for sharing water, solid waste and air quality data. It also uses other registries of common data, names, and data formats.

The FEFLOW interface was written by AquaResource in Canada.  This interface manages pumping and monitoring well data in EQuIS, exports data from selected locations, and imports the selected data into existing FEFLOW models.  AquaResource has plans to expand this interface based on feedback from the FEFLOW and EQuIS user communities.

EarthSoft provides open, innovative software solutions for managing sample/technical data for laboratories, consultants/engineers, owner/operators, responsible parties and other stakeholders.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management software system in the market. For more information, visit www.earthsoft.com or email info@earthsoft.com.

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