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This EarthSoft Office Hour video, presented by Marc Bate, EarthSoft’s senior ArcGIS developer.
EQuIS for ArcGIS 5.5 supports ArcGIS 10 and can create layers for all of your chemical analytes, or every month of water level measurements, in just one operation. With EZView queries, results can be returned to ArcGIS as a group layer for each unique value found in specified fields, e.g. sample date or chemical name. The resulting group layer can even be selected as the source layer in our Contours with Surfer module for contours for every sub layer in only a single operation.
Table of Contents
Group Layer Options – 00:10
ArcGIS: Export Format Options – o1:39
Geodatabase vs. Database – 02:13
Attribute Table – 02:57
Group: CHEMICAL_NAME – 03:20
Select Interval Ranges – 04:35
Turning Layers On/Off – 05:05
Group: ANALYTICAL_DATE – 05:4607:05 ANALYSIS_DATE: create sub-sets – 07:05
ArcMap: LOC_TYPE – 10:48
Question 1 – Will more options be added to EZView layers? – 13:59
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