Making a New York DEC EDD Deliverable – July 2011

June 29, 2011

Click here to download EarthSoft’s Office Hour: Making a New York DEC EDD Deliverable_July 2011

[length 54:49] [76MB]

This Office Hour session will show users useful tips and tricks when creating an EDD for NYSDEC.

EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) formats check your data and then upload and transfer the data.
Presented by Chris Mickle, CDM.
Table of Contents
LINKS: NYSDEC EDD: Webpage, Guide, Format Files – 00:30
Groups and Sections – 01:00
Vapor Intrusion – 03:42
Tables – 04:45
Blank Template – 05:51
Column Header Legends – 06:16
Blank EDD Description Template – 07:16
EDD Errors: Color Codes – 07:28
Error Analysis – 08:26
Refresh – 10:17
Column: DATA_PROVIDER – 11:22
Other Errors using Find / Replace – 12:16
Drilling Activity Data – 15:11
Unique Location Codes – 15:44
Reference Values – 19:11
Unwanted Tables – 20:59
Section: Lab (analytical chemistry) – 22:41
Column: Filtering – 24:21
Column: TASK_CODE – 25:42
Column: Sorting – 27:36
Requesting NYSDEC Valid Values – 28:42
EMAIL: – 28:44
EDD: Saving – 29:30
Error Log – 30:19
Pin Column(s) – 30:58
Column Chooser – 31:08
Add New Row – 31:19
LINKS: NYSDEC EDD References – 31:42
Question 1 – 100 sample loc., only sample 10, do you get an error message? – 32:38
Question 2 – Does data provider have to be familiar with every submission? – 33:52
Question 3 –  Q3? Is there a placeholder for lack of spatial data? -35:27
Question 4 – Does NYSDEC email users of new format updates? – 39:08
TIP –  When resubmitting data, descriptive email. – 38:08
Question 5 – What about Sample Delivery Groups? – 41:28
Question 6 – Is there a list of facilities already in the reference values? – 42:41
Question 7 –  Is all the data submitted? -43:43
Question 8 –  What values are used in location fields? – 46:07
Question 9 – Does NYSDEC require drilling activity? – 47:37
Question 10 – How do I update to new versions? – 48:56
Question 11 – We only need to submit well data once – correct? – 51:00
Question 12 – Can we export from our EQuIS database to fill-out the EDD? 51:56
Question 13 – EarthSoft pricing? – 54:04

EarthSoft News for the Week of June 24, 2011

June 27, 2011

EPA Region 2 EQuIS EDD, ArcGIS Training, 6 Video Playlist here:

Please reserve Aug 19, after the AUW, for a Mid-Atlantic EQuIS Users Group in the central NJ area.

Office Hour: New York State DEC and CDM present: making NYSDEC EDD deliverables; June 29, 11AM & 4PM EDT. Register here:

EarthSoft will exhibit at the USEUCOM Environmental Workshop Sonthofen, Germany 27 June to 1 July 2011, see:

EarthSoft News for the Week of June 13, 2011

June 17, 2011

Client Quote of the Week: “Since we implemented EDGE in the field, we have not received one call from the lab about their CoCs.”

Janet Magurn & Golder Assoc. will run an EDD workshop in Milan on July 6. See here :

Nassau County, NY, training is set for July 26-28. Thanks to Christian Mostert at Walden:

EDGE Action Levels. View new Office Hours video here:

Mitch and Janet are in Germany/Geneva from June 21-30, and in Italy from July 1 – 13.

EQuIS Workshop – July 6, Milan, Italy

June 14, 2011

Workshop Description:

This EQuIS workshop will introduce the skills and techniques to load, edit, manage and analyze environmental data using EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS). EQuIS is the most widely used environmental decision support and data analysis system in the world.

The class will focus on the use of Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) for the collection of data, and the use of ArcGIS for the visualization of data. Laboratory and field EDDs will be discussed.

Attendees will work with environmental spatial, geology and chemistry analytic data. Attendees will discuss both contractual and technical modification to data collection workflows that have been proven to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency. Among topics of discussion are:

  • Laboratory EDD specifications and statements of work (SOWs)
  • Use of EDP to enforce and check the EDDs and SOWs
  • Field data collection programs and field EDDs
  • Workflows to merge field and lab data
  • Integration of EQuIS data with EnviroInsite, MODFLOW and other common data analysis and decision support tools


Janet Magurn is the President and Co-Founder of EarthSoft. Ms. Magurn guides all software development at EarthSoft related to EDDs and consults regularly with several US states and EPA Regions, many consultants, industrials and labs. Ms. Magurn has trained over a thousand EQuIS users throughout the world. Most recently, Ms. Magurn trained over 150 labs and consultants on behalf of EPA Region 2, in New York City.


At the office of Golder Associates:
Via Pier Candido Decembrio 28; 20137 Milano

Cost and Registration:

The workshop fee is €500. To register for the course, download this Training Registration form.

To inquire about the agenda or for further information, please email

EarthSoft News for the Week of June 6, 2011

June 10, 2011

EarthSoft President Janet Magurn presented to 30 folks at the GOwen Environmental Conference in Toronto this week.
EarthSoft received the Environmental Business Journal Achiever of the Week Award for Rapid Growth, Product Innovation:
WA DOT & EQuIS: EarthSoft will provide 24 hours of training over the next 2 weeks.
EarthSoft is Environmental Business Journal: Business Achiever of the Week; Rapid growth in client base, revenues, new innovative products.
New Pro Buttons: SCRIBE, SEDD, FeFlow, Forms 2 Lite, MiniTab, Sanitas, GeoTracker, NIRIS, ERPIMS, PetraSim, QuickLog, Rick3T
EarthSoft seeks Help Desk staff in Houston, TX. View job description here:
Slots are still available for the Denver Open Training, June 14-16. Contact
Environmental Data Management Conference in Oregon, June 9-10. Contact, see:

EDGE Advanced Action Levels – June 2011

June 10, 2011

Click here to download EarthSoft’s Office Hour: EDGE Advanced Action Levels_June 2011

[length 13:13] [16MB]

This EarthSoft Office Hour video provides EDGE users an overview of how to create custom and advanced action levels using EDGE.

Table of Contents
Setup: Field Measurements – 00:20
Setup: Group YPE_FIELD – 01:26
Setup: Action Levels – 02:09
Action Level Parameters: Warning Level – 03:47
Generate RVF Files – 04:19
Modify EQEDD enum.xml File – 04:54
Limiting Action Levels to Specific Locations – 07:21
New feature in EDGE – 09:38
Question 1 – Does a warning stop the submission of the EDD? – 11:15
Question 2 – Are these features only available in the EQEDD format? – 12:48
Additional EarthSoft Videos of Interest:
OFFICE HOURS: Action Level Addition & Improvements
OFFICE HOURS: Action Levels Tree View
OFFICE HOURS: Action Levels Group Tree View

EarthSoft named Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) Business Achiever of the Week

June 9, 2011

Hats off this week to EarthSoft, winner of a 2010 Business Achievement Award in the information technology (IT) category for significant growth in revenues, a rapidly growing client base, and several innovative product introductions. EarthSoft’s hosting revenues grew 187% in 2010, as more clients continued to sign up for EQuIS Online, EarthSoft’s cloud-computing product. Maintenance revenues, approximately one-third of EarthSoft’s overall revenue, grew by 13% in 2010. EarthSoft released several new products, including the Environmental Data Gathering Engine (EDGE), EQuIS for ArcGIS Server (for web GIS), Sample Planning Module (SPM), EQuIS for AutoCAD, and an updated EQuIS supporting ArcGIS version 10. A new Vapor Air EDD was also released. New U.S. clients in 2010 included the State of Iowa, Pace Laboratories, SGS, Louis Berger, Matrix Solutions, and many others. New Australian clients included Golder, URS, 4T, and Syrinx. New European clients included ARCADIS, ERM, and Golder. Worley Parsons in United Arab Emirates, the City of Tacoma, Chesapeake Energy, Maul Foster & Alongi, Weiss Associates, PPM Consultants, Gannett-Fleming, TEI, First Environment, IBM, BASF, Weston, and others were also added to EarthSoft’s large client list.

(Source: Environmental Business Journal)

EarthSoft News for the Week of May 30, 2011

June 7, 2011

EarthSoft provided 650 man-hours of training in May, with 3089 man-hours of training YTD.

CTEH ( placed a PO for an EQuIS configuration on Tuesday.

EarthSoft has received an order from the Cyprus Water Development Department, Division of Hydrometry.

URS Australia purchased EDGE for field data collection!

EPA Region 2 – Complying with EPA R2 EDD – May 2011

June 7, 2011

Download EarthSoft Video: EPA Region 2 – Complying with EPA R2 EDD_May 2011

[length 40:34] [26MB]

Scott Kirchner, Program Chemist, CDM, present working with EDD while planning and executing project work, working with labs and other subcontractors, and EDD preparation and processing.
Table of Contents
Points of Discussion – 00:25
Reference: Guidance Documents – 01:03
EDD General Submittals – 02:02
EDD Details – 02:31
Site Relationship Logic – 03:15
Data Flow Chart – 04:34
Data: From Planning – 06:08
Data: From the Field – 07:20
Sample and Data Management Plan – 11:07
Challenges: Capturing Data – 13:32
Challenges: Analytical Data – 16:58
Challenges: Validation and Review – 22:15
Challenges: Historical Data – 25:50
Working With Contractors and Subcontractor – 27:32
Working With: Subcontract lab – 28:04
Working With: Surveyors – 30:47
Working With: OM Subcontractors – 31:52
Question 1 –  What are the differences between EPA R2 & EPA R4 formats? – 34:05
EPA R2 Documentation – 36:16
LINK: EPA Region2 Website and Email – 36:33

EPA Region 2 – EDD v3 Formats EQuIS EDP Demo – May 2011

June 7, 2011

Download EarthSoft Video: EPA Region 2_EDD v3 Formats EQuIS EDP Demo_May 2011

[length 22:14] [71MB]

Presented by Janet Magurn President, EarthSoft.
In an effort to streamline the electronic submittal of environmental sampling data, the Superfund Program in EPA Region 2 has adopted a standardized electronic data deliverable (EDD) format that is being required for all new and historical data submitted to the region. The format is based on the Electronic Data Deliverable, or EDD format, which is being adopted by other EPA regions and various states around the country. By employing the EDD, EPA can regiment how data is transmitted to better facilitate data review and decision making.
Table of Contents
Initial EDD – 00:38
Initial EDD – Submit files – 01:30
Initial EDD – Submit Log – 02:34
EDD Errors and Solutions – 03:52
Error Log – Summary Error Log – 05:21
Find/Replace by Column – 06:13
Errors: Duplicate Row Errors – 07:14
Errors: Comment Row Errors – 13:07
Loading EPA R2 Format Files – 13:46
Filter: Errors Only – 14:41
Filter: Other Options – 14:18
Produce EDD – 15:51
Saving Files – 16:26
Load and Append Data Files – 17:05
Blank EDD – 17:31
EDD Description – 19:18
Clear and Reload Data Files – 19:40
Reference Values Tab – 20:12

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