EQuIS® Open Training June 14–16, Denver, Colorado

May 12, 2011

Class Description:

This EQuIS Training Class will provide the skills and techniques for managing and analyzing environmental data using EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System, or EQuIS. Attendees will gain hands-on experience working with environmental geology and analytical chemistry data. Workflow automation and web techniques will be covered using EQuIS Enterprise. A site  characterization exercise will train users to access data in the ArcView GIS spatial environment.

Additionally, this EQuIS Training Class will have a special emphasis on the EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM) and the EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE). Attendees will learn how to use EQuIS SPM  to create tasks for the future, add contracts, methods and labs and also create Sample Analysis Plans that comply with USEPA standards. Students will learn how to check the completeness of scheduled sampling and non-sampling field activities. In addition to SPM, the training instruction will also focus on EDGE for collecting environmental field data, creating standardized Chains of Custody and generating Electronic Data Deliverables to import into EQuIS.
While much of the class will be focused on the implementation and use of EQuIS, discussion will also include critical data management principles such as:

  • Developing standard operating procedures for data management
  • Creating sampling plans
  • Working with analytical labs
  • Field procedures and data collection

Location and Requirements
This course will be held at 44 Union Boulevard, Suite 300, Lakewood, Colorado.

Please bring your own laptop for use during this training class. Instructions for downloading and installing EQuIS, visualization and analysis tools, and ArcGIS evaluation software will be provided two weeks prior to the training.

Cost and Registration
The early registration fee of $1,500 ($1,800 for registration after June 1, 2011) includes instruction, and hand-on use of EQuIS, and class notes. To register for the course, please fill out the included Training  Registration form and fax to 503-345-0212 or email to training@earthsoft.com.

EQuIS Open Training Agenda
Day 1 – Getting Started with EQuIS, Importing and Viewing Data
AM Session: EQuIS Database Management Basics

  • What is EQuIS?
  • Basic Concepts and Terminology
  • Data Management Workflow and Planning
  • EQuIS Workflow
  • Database Setup and Administration
  • Creating a new project

PM Session 1: EQuIS Professional EDP

  • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)
  • Reconciling Field and Laboratory EDDs
  • Submitting and Loading Data
  • Rolling Back Data

PM Session 2: EQuIS Professional: Tables, Forms, Action Levels and Groups

  • Data and Reference Table Inspections
  • Using Data Views
  • Creating Analyte, Location and Facility Groups
  • Action Levels

Day 2 – Data Retrieval with EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise
AM Session: EQuIS Professional – Reports and Exports

  • Fields and Tools Available
  • Crosstab Reports
  • Trend and Contour Plots

PM Session: EQuIS Enterprise — Loading Data, Reports and Information Agents

  • Enterprise EQuIS Data Processor
  • Double Closed Loop Data Quality Checking
  • Creating and Using EZView Reports
  • EQuIS Information Agents (EIA)
  • Integration of EQuIS Professional reports with EIA

Day 3 – Mapping, Sample Plans, and Field Data Collection with EQuIS
AM Session: EQuIS for ArcGIS – Data Retrieval with GIS

  • EQuIS for ArcGIS Integration
  • EQuIS for ArcGIS exports and outputs
  • Spider Diagrams

PM Session: EQuIS Sample Planning Model and EDGE

  • Create Sample Plans
  • Sample Planning Outputs
  • Collecting Data in EDGE

Download the pdf agenda and registration form here.


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