Click here to download EarthSoft’s Office Hour: Working with Locations in EQuIS Professional_March 2011

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EarthSoft’s Office Hour video demonstrates how to change a SYS_LOC_CODE in DT_LOCATION without breaking table linkages. Also included are how to add, change, delete locations. In EQuIS Professional, locations are uniquely designated points, typically on the ground surface, that can be identified spatially by an x, y, and z coordinate. They can be used to identify soil borings, well installations, and places of sample collection.
Table of Contents
ADD location – 00:40
CHANGE location – 04:45
DELETE location – 07:41
“VW_LOCATION” Table – 08:19
Question 1 – Explain purpose of views button? 13:20
Question 2 – Why make changes in the bottom ribbon? 15:57

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