EarthSoft is pleased to announce the release of EQuIS version 5.5.1, also known as Service Pack 1 for Version 5.5. This release contains several important bug fixes for issues found in version 5.5 of EQuIS Enterprise, EQuIS Professional, EQuIS for ArcGIS Desktop, and EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). We encourage everyone to review the Release Notes for a detailed description of fixes contained in this service pack. A few of the fixes are listed here:

• EQuIS Enterprise: Several bugs have been fixed that prevented various items (menus, buttons, notices, EDDs) from displaying correctly. Relative date options in EZView (e.g. “Last Day of Previous Month”) have been fixed and are now working correctly. Managers can now receive EDD failure notices for subscribed facilities. A bug has been fixed that prevented reporting on facility groups.

• EQuIS Professional: Crosstab now exports numbers as text to preserve significant digits in Excel. Memory usage has been reduced when exporting crosstabs to Excel.

• EQuIS for ArcGIS Desktop: Surfer module improvements when used with EZView group layers that allow mapping and contour of every month’s water levels or each chemical analyte’s concentrations in groundwater in just one operation, for example. EZView layers created in ArcScene can now override the graduated colors symbol defined in the EarthSoft.Style gallery and use 3D sphere symbols colored by concentration.  The “Create Multipatch Spheres” option when creating EZView layers has been improved, especially for crosstab queries where the results resemble 3D “beach balls” that serve the same purpose as 2D pie charts, while adding the vertical dimension for chemical fingerprinting.

• EDP: A bug has been fixed that caused 24-hour times to be interpreted as 12-hour times when opening an *.xls.

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