Download EarthSoft Office Hour: WQX Schema_December 2010

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This EarthSoft Office Hour briefly demos the EQuIS WQX module.
The WQX is the US EPA’s Water Quality Exchange program, replacing STORET.
EarthSoft’s WQX Module incorporates water quality and biological data (fish counts, speciation, etc.) into EQuIS.
Table of Contents
00:49 What is WQX?
02:16 EQuIS WQX Module
03:39 WQX Remap Values
04:52 WQX Terminology.
06:39 WQX Tables
07:54 WQX EDDs
10:35 Taxons
11:36 LINK: WQX PowerPoint Presentation
14:07 WQX Result Report
15:54 LINKS: WQX Resources
16:41 Q1? Data stored as point data, no polygons or lines?
18:26 Q2? Possible to get the EQuIS – WQX Schema?
19:23 Q3? Can data files be downloaded from the EPA – WQX website?

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