EarthSoft is pleased to announce the release of EQuIS Professional LakeWatch version 5.5. An extensive quality assurance process preceded this release, including many hours of testing by EarthSoft staff and members of the EQuIS community.

We encourage you to review the release notes for a detailed description of the exciting features and improvements in this release. A few of the highlights are listed here:

  • Lake Results Report now available with many new and exciting parameters for more efficient data querying
  • Improved support for EQuIS unit conversions to report and visualize results, in different units, together in a responsible, normalized fashion
  • Carlson TSI Report now available as standard report
  • Annual/Monthly Averages report now allows querying by discrete depth range and individual analyte or analyte group
  • Annual/Monthly Averages report collects samples by month then by year to normalize collections and reduce sampling bias
  • Annual/Monthly Averages report no longer weighs periods of collection inactivity in mean calculation
  • Vertical Profile tool efficiency improved
  • Improved Oracle Database compatibility
  • LakeWatch ERD now available w/ signed NDA

EQuIS LakeWatch v5.5 may be downloaded here.

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