New Case Study: City of Redmond — Wellhead Protection Program, EQuIS Implementation

July 29, 2010

Project Overview

The City of Redmond (City) has several water quality related programs (e.g., Groundwater Monitoring, Drinking Water, Surface Water) responsible for contributing to the protection and management of ground and surface water resources.  These water quality programs (Programs) have either regulatory responsibility authorized by state or county oversight agencies or, have local authority through ordinances.  Each Program has different reporting needs internally, to the public, and for meeting regulatory requirements.  However, all the water quality Programs have a common need to understand the hydraulic connections between surface, storm, and groundwater.  They also need to understand the potential risks to surface and groundwater resources.  The primary source of risk is through contamination, however, there are also risks to the built environment, such as excessively deep foundations being inundated by groundwater.  Currently, each Program collects, stores, and analyzes data independent of the other Programs to meet their basic operational and regulatory needs.  However, the ability to combine data from the Programs in a centralized system would greatly enhance overall watershed management, provide significant efficiencies in reviewing/analyzing data, and help reduce risks. 


In order to provide a central water quality repository, the City implemented the EQuIS Professional (Version 5.3, SQL 2000) software solution in May 2008.  The EQuIS software, in conjunction with other technical software (such as ArcGIS) and some custom features, allowed the City to manage, track, store, and report water quality data at the Program level as well as provide a city-wide view of all water quality information that facilitated expanded analysis and water resource protection. 


The City teamed with GeoEngineers, Inc. (GEI), an earth science and technology consulting firm, to implement the EQuIS solution.  The City needed to collect historical analytical data (hardcopy reports), water level data (pressure transducers and manual measurements) and map sample locations within ArcGIS.

GEI created a path to add the historical data used through a combination of custom data entry templates and custom electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats.  They also complimented the out-of-the-box capabilities of EQuIS with additional custom tools through MS Access and ArcGIS that provided the City with the means to efficiently manage and analyze the City’s data.  GEI also provided a method to track the sample data back to a specific hardcopy report by adding a new bibliography table within the EQuIS framework.


As a direct result of the project, the City’s ability to detect contamination and declines in the water table before a supply well is adversely impacted has dramatically improved. The City can also complete public data requests more efficiently and with greater detail than before the EQuIS system was in place.


The following lists project details as of May 2009:

  • Entered analytical and spatial data from nearly 250 environmental reports.
  • Approximately 130,000 water level measurements (recorded from manual measurements and data loggers) in EQuIS.
  • Over 40,000 analytical records stored in EQuIS and available for analysis.
  • Approximately 1,250 sampling locations that stored in EQuIS can now be easily mapped within GIS.

To download and view the case study in it’s entirety, please click here.

Upcoming Office Hours – EQuIS Forms – August 5, 2010

July 27, 2010

EQuIS Forms provide users with the ability to view and update data from often-used tables that relate to facilities, locations and sample test results (in a variety of views). We will also cover the Docs & Photos Form, which allows you to upload and download files that can later be associated with locations.

In this Office Hours session, a member of the EarthSoft Help Desk team will provide an overview of the various EQuIS Forms and review the exciting improvements coming with the next release.

This session will be held at 11am EDT (-5 GMT) and 6pm EDT (-5 GMT) on August 5th.

To sign up for a session, please send us an email at or register on the Office Hours page and indicate your session of preference. Note that spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

EarthSoft has a new Facebook page!

July 26, 2010

Be sure to follow us on our new Facebook page by clicking the “Like” button! You’ll see our status updates, with information on news, events and other exciting EarthSoft and EQuS updates (including photos!)

Upcoming Office Hours – Remapping Tables, July 22, 2010

July 15, 2010

EQuIS users may occasionally receive EDDs generated using reference values which differ from those defined in the EQuIS database. The EQuIS Remap option allows users to map valid value variations to the desired reference values in the EQuIS database. For example, an EDD may define a groundwater matrix as GW, when the EQuIS database reference value is WG. Using the Remap option, the user can define a set of replacement reference values and replace all variants at once.

In this OH session, a member of the EarthSoft Help Desk will showcase how to use the EQuIS Remap tool in EDP as well as in EQuIS Professional tables.

This session will be held at 11am EDT (-5 GMT) and 6pm EDT (-5 GMT) on July 22nd.

To sign up for a session, please send us an email at or register on the Office Hours page and indicate your session of preference. Note that spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

EQuIS 5 Advanced User Workshop, August 17-19, 2010 in New York

July 13, 2010

The EQuIS 5 Advanced User Workshopwill be an in-depth, interactive workshop lead by EarthSoft’s Development team. The content of this workshop will be determined primarily by topics of interest expressed by participants. Rather than following a typical training agenda, attendees will be expected to submit specific questions or issues pertaining to the advanced use and/or customization of EQuIS 5.

Following successful completion of this three-day workshop, attendees will be prepared to better address the specific needs of their users. Hands-on activities targeted toward each person’s questions and interests will result in a better knowledge and understand of EQuIS 5 and how the system can more fully serve its intended purpose. The Advanced User Workshop is a great opportunity for administrators, developers, and power users to gain the expertise necessary to turn the EQuIS 5 system into a customized solution to satisfy the needs of end users. There are only 12 seats available for this exciting and insightful workshop, so register now!

Depending on participant requests, the course may cover such topics as:


  • st_ tables
  • Adding New Fields and Tables
  • Creating Views and Functions
  • Optimization Customizing EDD


  • Customizing Format Files
  • Roles of .xsd, .vb, .rvf and Enumeration Files
  • Implementing Business Rules
  • Resolving ‘Clean Data’ Problems


  • Aggregate and Crosstab Reporting in EZView
  • Creating Active Reports
  • Using Functions

Procedures Enterprise:

  • Accessing Multiple Databases
  • Establishing Application Level Security
  • Configuring and Using Enterprise EDP
  • Setting up an Enterprise Information Agent (EIA)


Attendees will be expected to bring their own laptop computer (see the MSDN forum link for system requirements). Attendees must also have a working version of EQuIS 5 Professional installed on their laptop, as well as an understanding of EQuIS 5 applications, database administration, and architecture.

A development tool such as Visual Studio as well as Syncfusion and Infrastructures are also strongly suggested so as to be utilized during class report and form creation exercises. A list of qualified versions of each software will be distributed to each participant prior to class participation.

Cost and Registration

  • Early Registration Deadline: July 17, 2010.
  • Early Registration Fee: US $1,800
  • Late Registration Fee: US $1,900

The Registration Fee includes expert instruction, hands-on use of EQuIS, and class notes or other training materials.

To register for the course, fill out the attached Registration form and return to us at: 

To inquire about student prices or discounts for multiple attendees, email us at the address above.

Class Times: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Daily
Location Information: The Training facility will be located in New York. We will have more information later.

EarthSoft announces a Calgary, Alberta, Canada Open Training from August 3rd to August 5th, 2010

July 13, 2010

The training will be presented by Emily Mulford and Jennifer Rea.  Emily Mulford has been a part of EarthSoft’s Help Desk and Training Team for over 2 years and has provided several training sessions across the United States. Jennifer Rea has been a member of EarthSoft’s Help Desk and Client Management teams for 9 years.  Jennifer has led many EQuIS trainings and assisted in the implementation of numerous systems.

During the Training, users will gain confidence managing their environmental data efficiently using EQuIS.  Trainees will also gain hands-on experience with data reporting and exporting data to widely used third party modeling and graphics programs.

The full Agenda and Registration pages may be found at the following links:

Registration Form

There may be modifications to the agenda up to 15 days prior to the training.
This training is open to all EQuIS clients, so please book early. Space is limited.
Discounted prices for Early Registration are available until July 20th.

Additionally, EarthSoft is hosting a User Group Meeting in Calgary, Alberta on August 6th, 2010.

The agenda and registration pages for the User Group Meeting will be posted to the EarthSoft website and Community Center soon.

RockWare Interfaces – July 2010

July 11, 2010

Click here to download EarthSoft’s Office Hour: RockWare Family Interfaces_July 2010

[length 13:10] [24MB]

In this EarthSoft Office Hour video, EarthSoft will be showcasing the many enhancements made to RockWare Family Interfaces. The EQuIS for RockWorks interface can be used to quickly and easily export  EQuIS data to RockWorks for subsurface data visualization. LogPlot is a desktop log design and plotting program that allows the creation of customized log formats and also allows the use one of the available log designs used in the petroleum, environmental, and mining industries. The EQuIS for LogPlot interface allows the exportation of EQuIS data to LogPlot.
Table of Contents
LogPlot New Features – 00:14
Log Design File – 00:50
E-Text Tab – 02:23
Sample Parameters/Material Properties Tab – 03:39
I-Data Tab – 04:54
Analyte Filtering – 05:15
Launching LogPlot 06:00
RockWorks Interface – 07:27
Utilities Tab – 09:31
Launching RockWorks – 09:57
Borehole Manager – 11:04
Additional EarthSoft Videos of Interest
EarthSoft 3rd party Applications Video_RockWare LogPlot using EQuIS for ArcGIS_March 2010
EarthSoft 3rd party Applications Video_RockWare RockWorks using EQuIS for ArcGIS_March 2010

EarthSoft is Excited to Announce New Online Training Courses!

July 8, 2010

EQuIS Online Training Classes have been designed to help you develop the skills and techniques necessary to manage and analyze environmental data using EQuIS, EarthSoft’s Environmental Quality Information System. 

EQuIS Training attendees gain hands-on experience working with environmental, geologic and analytical chemistry data. 

Attendees learn how to use EQuIS Professional with industry-standard reporting, visualization and analysis tools – such as Microsoft Excel, LogPlot, EnviroInsite, RockWorks, GMS, EVS, Surfer, Google Earth and other packages. 

Additionally, a site characterization exercise gives users experience accessing data in the ArcView GIS spatial environment. Automation and web techniques are covered using EQuIS Enterprise. 

Want to hear more? 
Contact us at or 503-345-0212 or visit our EQuIS Online Training Course List and Registration Form for complete details and to register for classes!

Proximo Office Hours (Español) – Creando Cuadros y Graficos, 14 de Julio de 2010

July 7, 2010

Le invitamos a participar en la sesión inaugural de ‘Office Hours en Español’ de EarthSoft que será Miércoles, el 14 de Julio 2010 a las 19:00 UTC (15:00 Chile, la Republica Dominicana, and U.S. EDT).

Esta sesión gratis durará aproximadamente 30 minutos y se va a tratar de los poderes de EQuIS Professional para dibujar cuadros y gráficos. Aprende como crear un grafico de concentraciones analíticas, niveles de agua, datos de lluvia y más. Pone series múltiples en un cuadro, sitios múltiples en un cuadro o solo un serie y un sitio en uno de muchos cuadros. Modifica con facilidad encabezados, pies de páginas, estilos de líneas, y más, y luego exporte los cuadros a Excel o Microsoft Outlook.
Para inscribirse a la sesión, por favor de mandarnos un email a o registrarse en la página de Office Hours. Note que los lugares son llenados por orden de registrada.

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