EarthSoft announced today the first public release of the Sample Planning Module (SPM). SPM provides an automated planning and tracking tool for sampling events and field activities. SPM reduces repetitive, manual, error-prone data entry. EarthSoft tested eight beta versions of SPM prior to this first public release. SPM integrates into the EQuIS sample workflow and helps:

  • Plan future sampling events and create field EDDs
  • Prepare and distribute electronic pre-populated Chain of Custody forms and Bottle Labels
  • Generate several Completeness Reports with lists of planned but uncompleted samples
  • Pre-populate EQuIS EDGE IDEFs virtually eliminating manual data errors

SPM offers the flexibility to easily plan future sampling events. Users can schedule unique or repetitive events, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual sampling events. SPM works in tandem with the EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) field data entry application ensuring that sampling data from the field or the lab are gathered accurately and in a timely manner. EDGE minimizes keystrokes and errors.

Our clients tell us the majority of data management errors originate in the field.  SPM can identify and help users remove most of these errors. A version of EDGE is available so that field data entry errors are flagged in real-time. The EQuIS workflow is closed loop, extending from SPM (task creation and scheduling) to EDGE, to EDP, and back to SPM (reports). This eliminates many human errors by exporting directly from SPM into a predefined EDD with sample, location and facility information that can be used in EDGE.  EDGE and SPM greatly reduce manual data errors.

Once data are collected, users can generate a new EDD from EDGE. Finally, the EDD is reviewed in EDP and loaded into EQuIS.  SPM provides reports to document this complete workflow cycle. SPM provides the ability to:

  • Plan and Manage Field Sampling Events, including field samplings and laboratory analyses
  • Prepare Bottle request forms (Bottle Orders) and Lab EDDs
  • Prepare and distribute electronic chain of custody forms (eCOCs)
  • Prepare EDGE Field EDDs and Field Summary reports
  • Assure correct and complete sampling and analysis events
  • Generate field and lab Completeness Checker Reports
  • Greatly reduce data entry errors in the field and at the lab
  • Import data to EQuIS from field sensors and data loggers

SPM’s growing list of reports includes Planned Analyte Group, Task Preview and Cost Summary, Bottle Requests, Bottle Labels (with bar codes), and Lab EDD reports.  Similar to the Incomplete Samples Report, the Unplanned Samples Report generates a table of samples taken that were not part of the sample plan. With the Frequency Report, managers can see at a glance on a calendar what is being sampled and where over an entire year.

EarthSoft thanks the consultants and industrial clients that helped test and tune SPM, including Dave Van Vliet at AquaResource, Mike Plunz with Areva, Kevin Wilson with Cemex, Barrick Gold, and Frank Hagar at R Squared.

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