EarthSoft announced enhanced support and sales networks in Australia, Italy and Brazil.

EarthSoft appointed OneSphere Consulting Pty Ltd, based in Sydney Australia, as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). OneSphere Consulting will immediately offer local sales and Help Desk support for EQuIS clients within Australia and New Zealand. The OneSphere team has over 15 years experience in Australia, supporting private and public (state & federal) sectors with their technical, strategic and management capacities – particularly with large ESRI GIS implementations.

The recent expansion of EQuIS support was prompted by a rapid increase in EarthSoft sales to Australian organizations in 2008 and 2009. The appointment of OneSphere Consulting follows the recent purchase of server space at ICO in Australia, providing inexpensive and locally hosted EQuIS Online. Large Oracle, SQL Server and ESRI implementations use these hosted web dashboards and sandboxes for testing, training and phased implementations. EarthSoft clients in Australia can now enjoy the enhanced benefits of EQuIS Enterprise web data management as well as improved support and services. EQuIS Online sandboxes are available at no charge for all Enterprise clients on EQuIS Maintenance contracts.

In Brazil, three labs have employed EQuIS EDP, enabling them to check EQuIS EDDs. GeoKlock in Sao Paulo is implementing a large EQuIS system and can provide sales and support for EQuIS clients in Brazil.

In Italy, EQuIS software is now available through Golder Associates, who has successfully fulfilled the requirements and received approval to be listed in the Italian Registry of Software Providers for the Public Administration. Any Italian public institution has exclusive and direct access to the online purchases portal to purchase goods and services, at

EarthSoft’s Help Desk will continue its expansion in 2010 with increased capacity to provide additional support-hours to all EarthSoft clients.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard, said “We look forward to supporting our new partners! Our goal is replacing the large base of low-volume, unique and proprietary systems that typically manage all these data sets today. EQuIS is inexpensive to maintain and EarthSoft will continue to innovate rapidly with new products and versions.”

EQuIS is all .NET and available in both Oracle and SQL Server. EQuIS is an advanced decision support system including a relational database schema and a large library of queries, reports, graphics and exports. EQuIS supports several specific scientific data types, including surface water, groundwater, air, sediment, limnology and other water and subsurface data. In early 2010, EarthSoft released EDGE for data collection and workflow. EarthSoft is a long-time ESRI GIS Business Partner.

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