Upcoming Office Hours- The RockWare Family Interfaces, July 8, 2010

June 30, 2010

The EQuIS for RockWorks interface can be used to quickly and easily export your EQuIS data to RockWorks for subsurface data visualization. LogPlot is a desktop log design and plotting program that allows you to create customized log formats and also allows you to use one of the available log designs used in the petroleum, environmental, and mining industries. The EQuIS for LogPlot interface allows you to export your EQuIS data to LogPlot.

In this office hours, a member of the EarthSoft Help Desk will be showcasing the many enhancements made to these RockWare Family Interfaces.

This session will be held at 11am EDT (-5 GMT) and 6pm EDT (-5 GMT) on July 8th.

To sign up for a session, please send us an email at officehours@earthsoft.com or register on the Office Hours page and indicate your session of preference. Note that spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

EnviroInsite Data Sheet Added to Products Page

June 30, 2010

Please visit the EnviroInsite product page to download the full data sheet.

EQuIS for ArcGIS & ArcGIS Server Supports ArcGIS 10

June 30, 2010

EarthSoft announced today support for ArcGIS 10 for the EQuIS for ArcGIS extension for ESRI’s ArcMap and ArcScene 3D Analyst applications and ArcGIS Server. In addition to supporting all of the existing EQuIS for ArcGIS features on the ArcGIS 10 platform, the next release of EQuIS (v5.5) will support these new ArcGIS 10-specific features:

ArcGIS 10 Time-Aware Layers

  • The EQuIS EZView LayerBuilder creates time-aware layers – using the new ArcGIS 10 time slider control for creating temporal animations

ArcGIS 10 BaseMap and Templates

  • Support for the new ArcGIS 10 locations for styles and map templates
  • The Springfield tutorial site now includes ArcGIS 10 map template documents using the new basemap layers concept

ArcGIS 10 Metadata

  • In addition to writing FGDC metadata for ArcGIS 9.3 users, EarthSoft supports the new ArcGIS 10 metadata description and updated the custom ‘Metadata’ layer properties tab using the new ArcGIS 10 styles

ArcGIS 10 User Interface

  • 3D Preview Window for visualizing and interacting with a 3D scene of your layers in ArcMap
  • Automatic setup of the Default Geodatabase when new EQuIS layers are added to documents

ArcGIS 10 Query Layers

  • EQuIS EZView now supports creating ArcGIS 10 Query Layers – this creates ArcGIS layers with a live connection to EQuIS databases without any of the limitations with previous versions of ArcGIS

EQuIS for ArcGIS Server integrates the latest and most powerful ArcGIS Server web GIS tools with the EQuIS Enterprise EZView, making it easy to share mapping services and applications across the web. Web map viewers can build queries and generate graphs, charts, tables, crosstabs, statistics, graphics and other EZView exports, with intuitive web mapping and services tailored to the specific audience.

Combined with EarthSoft’s sophisticated EQuIS for ArcGIS module, these two EarthSoft modules extend ESRI’s product line with decision support and data analysis schemas and applications focused on groundwater, limnology, hydrology, geotechnical and other environmental and sample data management markets. EQuIS database schemas and EZView Pick Lists are available to the ESRI GIS users for vapor air, landfill gas, discharge water and other very specific sample types and markets tied to environmental and geotechnical samples.

EQuIS for ArcGIS Server demonstration videos are available at EarthSoft’s Community Center and their YouTube channel – http://community.earthsoft.com/ and www.youtube.com/earthsoft.

EarthSoft Part of PROTECT Project in Puerto Rico

June 24, 2010

EarthSoft is participating in the Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats (PROTECT), a NIEHS SRP P42 Research Program. Click here for a project overview and more information regarding this initiative.

New Presentation Featuring the WQX Module for EQuIS!

June 24, 2010

Now available for download, a PPT presentation featuring our new WQX Module for EQuIS!

Click here to view the PDF!

EQuIS Mentioned in ArcUser Magazine Article about Barrick Gold

June 23, 2010

EQuIS mentioned in ArcUser Magazine article about Barrick Gold, “Organizing a Century of Data — Spatial data infrastructure created by world’s leading gold company.”

Quote: “Future work will include incorporating spatial data stored in other repositories, such as acQuire from acQuire Technology Solutions for geochemical and drilling data and EQuIS from ESRI business partner EarthSoft for environmental data.”

Click here to read the entire article online.

EarthSoft Releases Sample Planning Module (SPM)

June 18, 2010

EarthSoft announced today the first public release of the Sample Planning Module (SPM). SPM provides an automated planning and tracking tool for sampling events and field activities. SPM reduces repetitive, manual, error-prone data entry. EarthSoft tested eight beta versions of SPM prior to this first public release. SPM integrates into the EQuIS sample workflow and helps:

  • Plan future sampling events and create field EDDs
  • Prepare and distribute electronic pre-populated Chain of Custody forms and Bottle Labels
  • Generate several Completeness Reports with lists of planned but uncompleted samples
  • Pre-populate EQuIS EDGE IDEFs virtually eliminating manual data errors

SPM offers the flexibility to easily plan future sampling events. Users can schedule unique or repetitive events, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual sampling events. SPM works in tandem with the EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) field data entry application ensuring that sampling data from the field or the lab are gathered accurately and in a timely manner. EDGE minimizes keystrokes and errors.

Our clients tell us the majority of data management errors originate in the field.  SPM can identify and help users remove most of these errors. A version of EDGE is available so that field data entry errors are flagged in real-time. The EQuIS workflow is closed loop, extending from SPM (task creation and scheduling) to EDGE, to EDP, and back to SPM (reports). This eliminates many human errors by exporting directly from SPM into a predefined EDD with sample, location and facility information that can be used in EDGE.  EDGE and SPM greatly reduce manual data errors.

Once data are collected, users can generate a new EDD from EDGE. Finally, the EDD is reviewed in EDP and loaded into EQuIS.  SPM provides reports to document this complete workflow cycle. SPM provides the ability to:

  • Plan and Manage Field Sampling Events, including field samplings and laboratory analyses
  • Prepare Bottle request forms (Bottle Orders) and Lab EDDs
  • Prepare and distribute electronic chain of custody forms (eCOCs)
  • Prepare EDGE Field EDDs and Field Summary reports
  • Assure correct and complete sampling and analysis events
  • Generate field and lab Completeness Checker Reports
  • Greatly reduce data entry errors in the field and at the lab
  • Import data to EQuIS from field sensors and data loggers

SPM’s growing list of reports includes Planned Analyte Group, Task Preview and Cost Summary, Bottle Requests, Bottle Labels (with bar codes), and Lab EDD reports.  Similar to the Incomplete Samples Report, the Unplanned Samples Report generates a table of samples taken that were not part of the sample plan. With the Frequency Report, managers can see at a glance on a calendar what is being sampled and where over an entire year.

EarthSoft thanks the consultants and industrial clients that helped test and tune SPM, including Dave Van Vliet at AquaResource, Mike Plunz with Areva, Kevin Wilson with Cemex, Barrick Gold, and Frank Hagar at R Squared.

Upcoming Office Hours- Show Us How the System Works for You, June 24, 2010

June 14, 2010

This session will be conducted by you, EQuIS users! We want you to show us, and other EQuIS users, what works well for you in the EQuIS suite of products and how you would like to see the products improved.

We are looking for volunteers to present, as well as attendees for this Office Hours. Each session will contain up to six different 5 minute presentations, with time for questions between each presentation..

This session will be held at 11am EDT (-5 GMT) and 6pm EDT (-5 GMT) on June 24th.

To sign up to either present or attend a session, please send us an email at officehours@earthsoft.com or register on the Office Hours page and indicate your session of preference. Note that spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

EQuIS Used on Gulf Oil Spill

June 9, 2010

Video Press Conference and short training from a Gulf Spill Response Team
http://bp.concerts.com/gom_training/houmasampletraining_052810.htm *

*This video mentions EQuIS at approximately the 12:50 minute mark and again at 20:30

Video outlining a Data Management Workflow being used:

EarthSoft Provides Additional Support in Australia, Italy and Brazil

June 4, 2010

EarthSoft announced enhanced support and sales networks in Australia, Italy and Brazil.

EarthSoft appointed OneSphere Consulting Pty Ltd, based in Sydney Australia, as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). OneSphere Consulting will immediately offer local sales and Help Desk support for EQuIS clients within Australia and New Zealand. The OneSphere team has over 15 years experience in Australia, supporting private and public (state & federal) sectors with their technical, strategic and management capacities – particularly with large ESRI GIS implementations.

The recent expansion of EQuIS support was prompted by a rapid increase in EarthSoft sales to Australian organizations in 2008 and 2009. The appointment of OneSphere Consulting follows the recent purchase of server space at ICO in Australia, providing inexpensive and locally hosted EQuIS Online. Large Oracle, SQL Server and ESRI implementations use these hosted web dashboards and sandboxes for testing, training and phased implementations. EarthSoft clients in Australia can now enjoy the enhanced benefits of EQuIS Enterprise web data management as well as improved support and services. EQuIS Online sandboxes are available at no charge for all Enterprise clients on EQuIS Maintenance contracts.

In Brazil, three labs have employed EQuIS EDP, enabling them to check EQuIS EDDs. GeoKlock in Sao Paulo is implementing a large EQuIS system and can provide sales and support for EQuIS clients in Brazil.

In Italy, EQuIS software is now available through Golder Associates, who has successfully fulfilled the requirements and received approval to be listed in the Italian Registry of Software Providers for the Public Administration. Any Italian public institution has exclusive and direct access to the online purchases portal to purchase goods and services, at http://www.acquistinretepa.it.

EarthSoft’s Help Desk will continue its expansion in 2010 with increased capacity to provide additional support-hours to all EarthSoft clients.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard, said “We look forward to supporting our new partners! Our goal is replacing the large base of low-volume, unique and proprietary systems that typically manage all these data sets today. EQuIS is inexpensive to maintain and EarthSoft will continue to innovate rapidly with new products and versions.”

EQuIS is all .NET and available in both Oracle and SQL Server. EQuIS is an advanced decision support system including a relational database schema and a large library of queries, reports, graphics and exports. EQuIS supports several specific scientific data types, including surface water, groundwater, air, sediment, limnology and other water and subsurface data. In early 2010, EarthSoft released EDGE for data collection and workflow. EarthSoft is a long-time ESRI GIS Business Partner.

Click here for downloadable version.

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