EQuIS for ArcGIS and C Tech EnterVol – March 2010

March 8, 2010

Download EarthSoft Video: EQuIS for ArcGIS and CTech EnterVol_March 2010

[length 14:40] [86MB]

This EarthSoft video demos EQuIS for ArcGIS and CTech’s EnterVol. EnterVol offers the power of C Tech’s volumetric modeling inside of ESRI’s ArcGIS® environment. EnterVol ushers in a new world of volumetric analysis, modeling and visualization to the one million ArcGIS users worldwide.
Table of Contents

Export Pregeology 00:08
Create Geologic Hierarchy 00:59
Visualize Solid Geologic Model 02:45
Export Geology as ESRI ShapeFile 04:54
Export 3D Chemistry 05:24
Visualize Chemistry and Geology 06:26
Export Chemical Plume as ESRI ShapeFile 07:07
Visualize with ArcScene 07:35
CTech’s EnterVol 09:38


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