EarthSoft featured in MicroSoft’s Case Studies

March 3, 2010

EarthSoft was recently featured in MicroSoft’s case studies due to EQuIS being specifically designed for SQL Server 2008.

“Manage and standardize all your environmental and sampling data — efficiently and cost-effectively.

In our increasingly ecologically conscious society, the demand for environmental data is growing rapidly. Regulatory bodies and government agencies require detailed and comprehensive environmental data, such as water, soils, sediments or air quality data collected from sampling events. However, it’s often time-consuming and costly for companies involved in generating, handling or receiving such large volumes of data. In addition, a lack of standardization means that this data can arrive in a variety of formats or with different valid values — for example, the same chemical may have numerous common names. What’s more, individual laboratories and consultants may report their data in different ways.”

Read the full case study on MicroSoft’s Case Studies site here:


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