In this Office Hours session, a member of the EarthSoft Help Desk will demonstrate how to create Isopleths and Vertical Profiles in EQuIS Professional.

The EQuIS Professional Tools group provides scientists and data managers a simple and intuitive means for reviewing water quality data and producing graphs which effectively communicate important parameters pertaining to a lake, pond, reservoir, stream, or river. The Isopleth tool can be used to create a three-variable graph in which the horizontal axis shows time, the vertical axis shows depth/elevation, and the body of the graph shows the value of a given parameter. The Vertical Profile tool creates a vertical trend, or line, chart that displays one or more parameters at a specified location and time.

This session will be held at 11am ET and 6pm ET on March 4th.

To sign up for a session, please send us an email at or register on the Office Hours page and indicate your session of preference. Note that spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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