EarthSoft CEO, Mitch Beard, will be in Australia and New Zealand for the next month, visiting clients and attending the OZRI / APUC 2010 conference.

The following is his itinerary if you would like to meet up with him to discuss EQuIS.

Date Australia/New Zealand Trip Overview
Fri. Feb 19 Depart San Francisco to Sydney, Australia
Wed Feb 24 Depart Sydney and fly to Auckland, New Zealand
Wed Feb 24 Visiting customers until departure Feb 28th
Sun Feb 28 Depart Auckland and fly to Brisbane, Australia
Tue Mar 2 Meeting with ALS in the morning in Brisbane
Wed Mar 2 Afternoon drive to Mantra Sierra Grand hotel on Broadbeach Island for the ESRI conference
Wed Mar 3 ESRI OZRI/ APUC conf. begins at BroadBeach Island, AU
Mitch attending the Welcome Reception March 3rd 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM held at Conrad Jupitors Conf. hotel
Thur Mar 4 Mitch attending Conference Dinner 7:00pm -11:00pm.
Fri Mar 5 Leave Mantra Sierra Grand hotel and drive to Brisbane
Sat Mar 6 Depart Brisbane and fly to Melbourne
Mar 6 – 10 Visit customers in Melbourne
Wed Mar 10 Depart Melbourne fly to Sydney
Mar 11 & 12 Meetings around Sydney
Sat Mar 13 Depart Sydney to San Francisco
Mon Mar 15 Arrive back in Concord, MA about 6:00 AM
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