Using EQuIS with GIS data — Maximising Data Sharing

March 25, 2009

Presentation given to the UK EQuIS User Group, November 27, 2008.

Presented by Simon Ross of ERM.

EarthSoft Announces Collaborative Development and Marketing Agreement with QED Environmental Systems

March 18, 2009

…Real Time Data Submissions to EQuIS Clouds…

EarthSoft today announced a collaborative development and marketing agreement with QED Environmental Systems (QED). This work will automate logging and loading of well level and flow monitoring data from Retriever products directly to EQuIS 5. QED will support the EQuIS EDDs using QED wireless data collection solutions.

EarthSoft and QED see significant added benefit to both client bases with the integration of real-time, wireless data collection into EQuIS. These benefits include increased reliability, accuracy, and timeliness for this data.

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EarthSoft Announces German Reseller

March 12, 2009

EarthSoft Announces German Reseller

March 1, 2009 – EarthSoft today announced Envisoft has agreed to resell EQuIS software in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. EarthSoft will provide a German version of EQuIS in 2009 and will support Envisoft training, sales and marketing efforts.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world. Many government agencies, industrials, and consultants use EQuIS for groundwater, surface water, limnology, eco-risk, and other sample data. EQuIS improves environmental data quality significantly, with Total Quality Management techniques applied to workflow. EQuIS supports the Triad process by enforcing good process and data transactions from field to lab to consultant.

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