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December 2, 2008. EarthSoft today announces new SPLA agreements for consultants delivering hosted EQuIS systems. This new pricing and licensing better supports business operations dedicated to hosting EQuIS Oracle and SQL Server databases. Hosting EQuIS, also referred to as Application Services Provider (ASP) or Software as a service (SaaS), has become increasingly popular.
EarthSoft will now sell metered Enterprise applications on a per-database, per-EDD, or per-Report charge. These services are available both through EQuIS Online, EarthSoft’s own hosted EQuIS, and through multiple consultants. EQuIS End Users can pay for actual, exact use of EQuIS applications.

EarthSoft announces new Sample Planning Module (SPM) Enterprise Completeness Checker reports for EZView clients, from defined Bottle Labels and CoC forms.
EarthSoft’s hosting operations have scaled to the point where EQuIS “dial tone” is extremely inexpensive compared to manual methods of verifying and loading EDDs upon receipt from labs and field crews. Using .NET and Web 2.0, EarthSoft is able to write web interfaces for the same engines developed in EQuIS Professional, offering much more power and flexibility than hosted-only systems. Using EQuIS, consultants can write their own reports and provide extensive services to their clients.
EarthSoft is pleased to announce a paradigm shift in visualization with per export pricing for EVS and EnviroInsite, hosted with EQuIS. EarthSoft and CTech Development have committed to future product development and pricing mechanisms for software as a service delivery of EVS and EVS-Pro. EarthSoft now also offers EnviroInsite with each EZView license, extending the graphics developed with EQuIS Professional and EnviroInsite to the web. EarthSoft EZView and EIA deliver sets of reports, graphics, and agents, via dashboards or email, including labeling with ArcGIS Server and Google Earth mashups. The Build – Serve – Push workflow is much quicker to market and less expensive than current manual report and graphic production. Consultants frequently differentiate services offerings with EQuIS 5 Professional for interfaces with ESRI GIS, data migrations, implementation customization, enhanced decision support and modeling services. Consultants may develop proprietary reports, statistics, sample plans, import and export plans, and other EQuIS-centric tools knowing the underlying EQuIS platform is commercially available and constantly improving.
In 2008 license revenues have nearly tripled, funding continuous and rapid innovation around the EQuIS data warehouses and applications. Several large, multi-year government contracts guarantee ongoing EQuIS innovation, generated both by EarthSoft programmers and several partners who take advantage of EarthSoft’s Open Systems business practices.
For Further Information, Please Write info@earthsoft.com, visit www.earthsoft.com, or call (978) 369-2201.

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