…EQuIS 5 SQL Server Express Prices Cut…

November 3, 2008: EarthSoft announces March 30, 2009 as the end of availability of EQuIS 3. Current EQuIS 3 customers will continue to receive full support from the EarthSoft Help Desk until December 31, 2009; however, EQuIS 3 Maintenance Contracts will not be renewed past that date. EarthSoft is also pleased to announce significant price reductions for EQuIS 5 SQL Server Express effective immediately.

EQuIS 3 was first released in late 1995, and quickly became a de facto market standard for the environmental regulatory and consulting industry. Demonstrating the commitment to rapid innovation, EarthSoft released EQuIS 5, the industry’s first completely .NET system in late 2005. EQuIS 5 leverages the most current advancements with Microsoft’s SQL Server and Oracle database services and to date, over 525 EQuIS 5 Professional and more than 50 EQuIS Enterprise systems have been purchased. Four EPA Regions and more than a dozen states are implementing large multi-user and multi-facility EQuIS 5 systems.

Most of the EQuIS 3 clients have already upgraded to EQuIS 5. To further assist client transitions to EQuIS 5, EarthSoft is decreasing the cost for EQuIS 5 for SQL Server Express. The new pricing will now be $1,000 per concurrent user license, for up to five concurrent users. Please note that a SQL Server Express Schema License is required. With this price reduction, a 5 user license of EQuIS 5 Professional in SQL Server Express is lowered from $30,500 to $13,000. Combined with EQuIS 3 upgrade pricing, EQuIS 5 SQL Server Express is very inexpensive for EQuIS 3 clients.

While EQuIS 5 Professional improves upon existing EQuIS 3 functionality (e.g., the Crosstab Report Writer), EQuIS Enterprise represents a giant leap forward in ease of use and offers a paradigm shift for the industry with web Workflow Automation. EQuIS Enterprise allows large organizations and agencies to automate several functions, including:

  • EDD checking and loading, with return Pass/Fail receipts of EDD submissions.
  • Screening incoming data, setting date- or data-driven triggers on newly arriving data.
  • Producing Reports and Graphics, either ad-hoc or pushed from the above triggers.

EarthSoft’s EQuIS Enterprise is available hosted or licensed. EarthSoft has increased its services infrastructure and offerings in response to projects requiring corporate MIS cooperation and significant EarthSoft services. EarthSoft continues to grow rapidly, increasing both Client Managers and Help Desk staff who can smoothly transition clients upgrading from EQuIS 3.

EarthSoft will work with EQuIS 3 clients during the transition process, providing upgrade support, training sessions, and other assistance. EQuIS 3 clients can also take advantage of EarthSoft’s new Community Center, by creating a free account at http://community.earthsoft.com. EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard said, “EQuIS 5 sales have increased significantly in 2008 and EarthSoft is responding to service this rapid growth. We’re pleased to offer these significant price reductions in EQuIS 5 for SQL Server Express. We continue to invest heavily in EQuIS documentation, training, and services, as well as extensive product development. EarthSoft will continue to innovate at a rapid pace.”
For more information write info@earthsoft.com, or visit www.earthsoft.com.

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